Oreo Sandwich Cookies

Oreo Sandwich Cookies

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A classic cookie, never fails to disappoint! Can't beat an Oreo with a cold glass of milk!

Who doesn't love an oreo? Nuff said!

My children love it. Can be added to any kind of baking, or eat plain or with milk.

I love using these in non-traditional ways -- crushed on ice cream, to resemble dirt on a birthday cake or in a crust for a dessert. Yum.

These are one of my all time favorite cookies. I love dipping them in milk too. That is about the only time I actually drink milk. I never tire of the taste of these Oreo's. I Definitely would recommend.

Gotta have some oreos with milk atleast once a month!!! YUM!

I am not a fan of most store-bought cookies because I was spoiled by grandma's that loved to bake on a daily basis, but...I LOVE OREOS! They are the exception. They are the right amount of crunchy and get the sweetness level jut right, not too bland or too sweet.

One of my favourite cookies. Eat one side, the middle, and then the other cookie!

Love the chocolate and creme filled delicious cookie ( and a cold glass of milk!).

the best sandwich cookie ever. the chocolate cookie is perfect. has a great taste i could eat just the cookie part without the cream. most people go for the cream i am in it for the cookie.

the cookies are so good i love cookies lol

I love them they are a old classic that still make you want a glass of milk with your cookies. I also love the ones covered in white fudge during winter its no fair they don't give you a lot in the box!

i love these cookies,especially the fudge covered ones they have during the winter months.they are my favorite.everybody i knows loves these cookies.

OMG!!!!! Love it sooo good

Milk's fave cookie and its also my fav. I like to eat the filling cream first and then the two other cookies. Soo good!