Oreo Sandwich Cookies

Oreo Sandwich Cookies

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My family's FAV cookie! I have tried cheaper brands but they do not have the rick fudgey flavor cookie. Best with milk!

I really enjoy eating Oreo cookies and my kids love them as well. One of my daughter's is in Pre-K and once a month she is required to take snacks for her whole class and I buy Oreo's and juice for all the students and they all love them.

Oreos remind me of the best parts of childhood. Use the cookies to make homemade pie crusts, just add butter.


These are my favorite cookies. I love trying each flavor as well. They don't last in my house.

Who doesn't like Oreos? Some people like to twist and pull them apart. Others like myself, love to dip the whole cookie in milk and let is soak for just a few seconds. Delicious!! I have to keep myself from buying them all the time because if I have them in my cabinet, I can't get enough of them and want to eat the whole pack right then.

Love these .. our family favorite for a bedtime snack. Dipped in ICE cold milk !!

Very yes. I could seriously eat a whole bag. I'm glad these are still around after all this time. They're also great for crusts when baking or for making Oreo bark at christmas time!

A delicious classic! Always great with a glass of milk!

Oreo cookies are a classic. I love eating them when I was a kid. As a kid I would have various ways of eating it, it's kind of funny thinking about it now. One method was to separate the parts and eat it like that. Savor each different part of the cookie. Oreo cookies taste best when you crush it up and make a layer on a cake with it. Soooo delicious!

it is a very good cookie for snacks

Very yummy, but not healthy. My family loves them though. They always pair well with cold milk. Good for an indulgence.

Oreo cookies have been around for a long time. I love them and must have them around when my grandson comes over. We have cookies and milk. I love that Oreo has experimented with different fillings and I love all of them. A great products that will always be a snack food in our house

Who doesn't love

Who doesnt love Oreos? My kids love to take the apart and eat them piece by piece. Of course they also love to dunk them in milk !