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  • kimm1310 By  kimm1310    

    I love this soap... Leave me feeling clean no residue... & it's easy to find in BJ's in bulk

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  • Ahyden By  Ahyden    

    I love it! It smells great!

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  • freebjojo By  freebjojo    

    After receiving a sample in the mail I fell in love with this beauty it's all I use.

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  • laceyhodge By  laceyhodge    

    I've tried 2 scents and they are both great. Has a very nice smell.

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  • alodie81 By  alodie81    

    My boyfriend and i love using the soap. It has that refreshing smell that wakes you up in the morning. It also makes your skin feel soft .

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  • Leisha By  Leisha    

    I LOVE Dove bar soap!! It leaves my skin soft and moisturized and rinses easily for me! I love love love the scents they have and feel great after my shower!!! My legs are never dried out since I started using Dove and I have very dry skin. I highly recommend Dove bar soap!!

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  • m000m000 By  m000m000    

    I was interested in trying these soaps b/c on the commercials they make it look sooo good :) I tried it and it does clean your body and leave a fresh scent, but after i rinse off it feels like some soap residue is still on me. Good soap, but not the best.

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  • msofty68 By  msofty68    

    I can't use any soap and dove is my choice because it leaves my skin so soft and smooth

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  • anw2207 By  anw2207    

    I love Dove go fresh beauty bars they smell wonderful and they make my skin feel great. My skin feels soft and silky.

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  • vonne414 By  vonne414    


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  • jacksgranny By  jacksgranny    

    I love this soap! It does not irritate my sensitive skin and it smells great.

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  • simplicity738 By  simplicity738    

    I absolutely love Dove products because they smell great, but it's not to the point where it becomes too overbearing or offensive to the nose. I also love that this product is so gentle on my skin; it isn't harsh at all, like some products I have used. While I prefer to use the body wash (liquid form), the soap bars have the same positive outcomes. The only thing I do have to say is that I am quite hesitant to use bar soaps because, while they are generally a better deal, it is far less sanitary. Regardless, it is still a fantastic product!!

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  • haybale By  haybale    

    I love these! They smell sooo good, and lather very well! They never leave soap residue on your skin like other soaps!

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  • bambam21 By  bambam21    

    I can't use body wash, and when I saw these beauty bars by Dove I was curious. I have fairly sensitive skin and most body wash products cause me to breakout from the fragrance - no so with these bars. I love them!

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