Dove Go Fresh Beauty Bars

Dove Go Fresh Beauty Bars

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I love using dove products! Mostly the soap bars

the smell isnt that great.

This soap has such a light, fresh scent, and it doesn't leave your skin feeling dry or filmy.

I really like Dove anyway, always have. But I especially like this new cucumber scent !

Only soap we use!! Men's brand also!! Keeps skin soft and feeling moisturized.

Dove bar soap is the best soap for your skin, specially sensitive skin.

This is one of the few soaps that work for our whole family, including my husband that has really sensitive skin. Only downside is that it is pricier than other brands, I only buy it when it is on sale.

Cucumber is my husbands favorite scent. I have always been a fan of dove, because my mom used it when I was a kid. She used the one for sensitive skin. This soap lathers well and has a crisp cean scent to it. Great for waking up in the morning.

Oh Yah! My husband and I both LOVE these bars They clean so nicely and feel wonderful and have a great smell in the warm shower water!

I dont like this scent, but I do love the Reg scent.

I Love all of Dove's beauty bars! They all smell great and leave my skin soft and not dry. Much better than body wash in my opinion.

Dove has so much moisture and such a clean feeling.

Leaves skin soft and smells nice.

Been using these for years..Love these bars...Doesnt make my skin dry ...

Dove products are the best. My skin feels moisturized and cleaned.I Love it.