Dyson DC 17 Animal Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson DC 17 Animal Vacuum Cleaner

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We've had ours for 8 years! Apart from having to clean the vacuum a few times per year, it is amazing. I've never had to have it repaired and it's easy to clean my house with it.

I am a dyson user for life! I a small dog that sheds year round and it seems like the hair incorporates itself into anything. This vacuum sucks up all the hair no problem! All the little pieces of dried playdoh my child drops on the carpet are gone in one pass. Highly recommend for moms with kids and pets!

I have never used a dyson vacuum but my husband is a carpet layer. In his line of work dyson is not recommended to use on most carpets. The suction is to strong and can damage carpet.

Love mine but just got new carpet installed and if we use this vacuum it will void our warranty due to too much suction

I purchased this over priced vacuum because I thought it would be quality made. Unfortunately after a few weeks of using it daily, It stopped sucking up but still ran. Being how expensive it was, I tracked down a vacuum repair shop to get the issue resolved. I was told the clutch burnt out as Dyson uses one clutch- that both runs the vacuum and works the height adjustment for floor cleaning. The repair shop told me the repair part would cost a couple hundred. This problem taught me 2 things, #1 always buy a warranty, and #2 never buy an expensive product- they always have expensive replacement parts too!

I love this vacuum cleaner. I will never buy another brand again.

I bought this vacuum several years ago from BJ's. It has cleaned my house from top to bottom for years but I have noticed that it has lost a little suction which is disappointing from the vacuum that "Never losses suction"! We have kept the filters clean so that cannot be the problem. It still picks up well and we never have a problem filling the container!

very expensive but will last you for years. This is the only vacuum cleaner that has consistency.

Best vacuum cleaner I have ever owned

This vacuum works fantastic and the warranty has been a lifesaver. It picks up things that most vacuums would just skim over. It comes with a lot of attachments, many I've never used. I do use the hose all the time and the attachment for vacuuming the stairs. That's about it.

I have two long haired dogs. This is the only vacuum I've found that does burn out with all the dog hair. It is great!

Easy to use! Worth the money. It gets the job done!

I bought one of these through store pick up at Walmart. I was so excited to try this thing out, and with three dogs was really looking forward to a super clean carpet. When I got it home and put it together (it was super easy to assemble, it came in three pieces that just snapped together, no screws), it did not suck anything off our floor. I checked all the connections and everything, and sure enough it was assembled correctly and there was some suction but it was less than our cheap Eureka we retired because it broke. I was so disapointed, especially for the price of the vacuum. I immediately returned it and bought another Eureka, a third the price and so much more powerful.

I was so excited when my husband surprised me with my own Dyson Animal vacuum! It works so well and is easy to use. Love it!

A great vacuum cleaner! It is on the pricey side but has lasted a long time for me. Still works has good as when I bought it five years ago!