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Love how amazon has great selection of items. Never disappoints... Also love how they made returns so easy at Khols.

Has everything! Amazon is our go to for everything we need or want!! They have everything anyone could ever want or need!!

I have been an Amazon customer since 1998, when they really only sold books and CDs. Now, there is nearly nothing you cannot find on -- from products to services. You can set up subscribe and save orders for things that you always need, like diapers or pet food, and you can alter your schedule if needed.

Quick and easy What don't they have? I go to them for nearly all my shopping needs and have it shipped to my door. Love it!

Awesomeness Amazon haa saved me during this pandemic Lets be real it is not perfect but it has been a life saver

Is this the new customer no service? I love that Amazon delivers products in two days and they have everything. I have noticed that customer service is slipping lately. All during the heart of Covid, packages were arriving on time and a lot of times early. All of sudden now in 2021, packages are arriving late and I have to call to request something for my trouble. What happened to reaching out proactively and offering something???? Also, sometimes orders just don't get delivered and it's as if you never ordered it.

ZERO! I have not had any good experiences with Amazon. For starters I have been unable to access my account for almost 6 months now. My Prime account. Amazon customer service can not help me regain access to my account but they sure don't mind taking the membership fee out every month. I've called them no less than 6 times for help and the last time to cancel my Prime membership. Of course they can't do that either. So my only options are to cancel my bank card or continue letting them take money out for an account that I have no access to?? I would not recommend Amazon to anyone.

Free gift scammers are out there Definitely, they carry the most products for sure and it helps when you are looking for specific items!! Sometimes deliver right away, some take forever. A huge complaint is many including so called "free gift" if you write a review on purchased items, but the seller don't and they scam you. Should be a rule.

True believer in Amazon. I really depend on Amazon, as I live in rural Michigan and do not have access in my small town to many things that we need. I renovated my home and bought many items on Amazon. I love the Prime membership, too!

Reliable Great service, helps with issues.

Everyone knows it for a reason! Great website, deals, and organization. Fair shipping methods and prices!

Love Amazon I love ordering things over amazon. This is because you get to read all of the reviews of a product from real customers, which helps me decide if I should or should not get a product. Furthermore, they seem to have almost everything I search for.

Amazon I have not used Amazon until last Christmas. It has been wonderful to have. With the covid I have shopped online even more in 2020. I have already started ordering for birthdays.

I love Amazon! I've had some difficult times in my life and was unable to go out to shop. I shopped online and was able to get everything I needed and delivered in great timing. There customer service is great. I can't say I had a bad moment with them that was not rectified and to y advantage.

Great place to shop Amazon offers great prices and cool items. I buy items for my entire household. From toys to cool notebooks and pens. I have been a loyal customer for at least 10 years.