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  • 3kidsand3dogs By  3kidsand3dogs    

    I loved this book. I listened to the audio book which Elizabeth Gilbert narroted and that might have made the difference. She is telling a story from her view point. Why is she selfish? I hear others say that about her. It is so much wiser to get out of unhappy marriage then to continue pretending or to have children when your heart is really somewhere else.

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  • apetaccio By  apetaccio    

    Great first section (Italy), then it just fizzeled out. Read it for book club and only 1/2 the people actually finished it. Very tough to get thru after that first section. If you do make it through, the ending is pretty good.

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  • beccadawn23 By  beccadawn23    

    The writer was so self-absorbed that I just couldn't make it through the whole book. Loved the part in India - she needed a little spiritual wake-up after treating her kind husband so shabbily. It is the epitome of the "only my happiness matters" lifestyle so pervasive in the United States. That said - it had some lovely insights and for my rather self-absorbed friends, I do recommend it as a book to get them thinking spiritually and moving in a more wholesome direction.

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  • mitbrooks By  mitbrooks    

    I am actually shocked at all the bad reviews of this book. I found it very insightful and enjoyed reading it. It just goes to show - what is good to some is (obviously) not good to others. I loved this book.

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