Mr.Clean Magic Eraser

Mr.Clean Magic Eraser

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Love, Love, Love I love that some one found this material and made it into this.

Live-saving Product When Others Don't Work This product has been a lifesaver and has removed marks an scuffs that other products don't. I've used on my dance show (ballet, tap, jazz/lyrical shoes, etc.) to remove scuffs - and it's the only product that will! Highly recommend.

Excellent product I use the magic eraser everywhere. I especially like using it on my pool steps. I also use this on many surfaces in my home as well. This product is my go-to!

It Actually Works I purchased the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers for the first time about 2 years ago and I have been using them ever since. They really do work at getting out tough stains. I especially like to use them in the kitchen to wipe down appliances and keep them looking shiny and mark-free.

They clean everything! I use these Mr Clean magic erasers for everything around my house. I wipe scuff marks off the walls, I clean my bathrooms and kitchen, and they are perfect for keeping my doors clean around the door handles. There are so many uses and I can't live without them!

Good for collectors items I absolutely love this thing. It helps me get rid of a lot of scuf marks as a collector myself. It sounds like a weird use but it really does get the dirt off without damaging the product.

The Magic Eraser is truly magic The Magic Eraser is truly magic. I couldn't believe it the first time I used it. It get dirt off that regular paper towels and cleaner can't clean. It's a winner in my book.

So extra useful I love these!! I work in education and these have been a lifesaver for when my students "leave their mark" on something that they shouldn't have!

MR. CLEAN I clean houses for a living, and I was so delighted to see how well the Magic Eraser worked. It was especially helpful in the bathrooms.

Easy! The holy grail of getting grime off! You don't have to use too much elbow grease and your toughest, nastiest projects will come out clean and sparkling!

Great for getting stains off painted walls safely! Mr Clean Magic Eraser is my Go-To for getting scuff marks off of the walls. They remove them with out taking any paint off.

Awesome Product These things are amazing! Needed to clean my white cabinets in my bathroom before we had new flooring put down. Wow I have white cabinets again.

Love it I used this to clean my shower and they worked really well.

Best Invention! This is one of the best products ever created. I use this in my kitchen, bathroom, walls in the house and even my car. With kids we all know how fast messes can be created and how we find those messes that we missed and now cant just wipe off anymore. These provide such effortless cleaning on tough messes and stains, especially when my 4 year old "misses" the paper and the marker ends up on the wall... Hmmm must be magic. The only thing I would like to see improved is when it starts to break down they get very flakey, but even with that I will keep buying them!

Good product I have a love hate relationship with this product, it does the job most of the time. It would take marks off from the wall and counters but I don't like how it will start coming apart if you have to scrub a little harder .