Schick Intuition Plus Razor

Schick Intuition Plus Razor

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This razor is really great during the summer! Or even when you just want to do some at home pampering! It gives your legs and underarms a smooth shave. The moisture bar does seem to go rather quickly. But overall, I love the convenience of it the most. As a mom of 4 just trying to shave while in the shower, is a task. So If this helps me get the most out of my shower time , I'm all for it! Although great, it is costly. So I make sure I find it on sale, and use a coupon as well!

It is a good razor does not leave razor bumps. The moisturizer bar does dissolve quickly over all it is a good razor.

i haven't had a chance to use this or buy it . i would like to try it ,i have heard from people saying it does work.they like it.

expensive, but works well. I use mostly during summer due to moisturizing! not convenient for bikini area!

Love the moisture in this razor but have a hard time keeping the actual razor above the moisturizer :)

best razor ever, but the soap part melts too quickly

It is an okay razor if you are in a rush and need to just clean up your legs or under your arms. If it's been awhile since the last shave or if you need to clean up the bikini area - I wouldn't recommend this razor. Also, it's expensive and it can be hard to find refills.

Love the moisturizing aspect of this razor. It's expensive though! And I don't feel as though I get a very close shave because of the large head.

These razors shave great, but they are so expensive! Each refill cartridge lasts me for about 3-4 shaves at most, and the last shave is usually a little painful. So at that rate, I would be spending at least $20-25 a month on razors and that is definitely not in my budget. Sometimes in the summer I splurge on them, or if we are going on vacation, but for daily use they are not practical.

Great razor! very smooth, hydrating, and leaves skin silky.

I love my Schick Intuition Plus Razor. Since I started buying it a few years ago, it has been the only razor I use. My only negative is that it is expensive. I usually try to catch them on sale and use coupons to get a good deal. But all in all I LOVE this razor.

I purchased this razor when it first came out (a few years now) and I haven't gone back to any other type of razor since. I love the fact you don't have to use shaving cream and the large handle/blade. I know it is a bit more expensive but I totally think it is worth it since you are having time and money (purchasing shaving cream).

I like this razor a lot. It's great when you are shaving in a hurry, no shaving cream needed. I do find because the head is big, it misses spots and makes it harder to get a close shave. Still a good product but for a closer shave a smaller razor is needed.

My Favorite Razor for Head to Toe Grooming.. Makes My Legs have no knicks.. no razor burn! I am disabled and have a hard time shaving and this has been a godsend! Tip: If you feel that your running out of the "shave bar" too fast, add conditioner to your legs 1st and only rinse razor every few strokes of the blade!

Shaves well but moisturizer disappears too fast