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  • ckfernandez By  ckfernandez    

    I absolutely love Coke Zero, this has got to be the closest match to the real deal without all the sugar and extra stuff that comes in a classic coke. I feel less guilty when I have a coke Zero, compared to when I have a classic coke.

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  • JMO6510 By  JMO6510    

    I try not to drink too much soda, but when I do I choose coke zero. Cherry Coke Zero is the best! I think it tastes much better than Diet Coke. Love that it has no calories too :)

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  • ChicShopper By  ChicShopper    

    This is the only no/lo calorie drink my boyfriend will drink, as he says it's the only one that doesn't have that nasty after taste most diet drinks have.

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  • jakki_edwards By  jakki_edwards    

    It's not bad, and the calorie count definitely helps it's appeal!

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  • BuckeyeGirl By  BuckeyeGirl    

    I love love love my regular Coke but when I am trying to save calories and keep taste, I always grab this! It is really good!

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  • cmason By  cmason    

    Coke Zero is excellent tasting. I feel like I'm drinking regular Coke but I'm getting the benefit of zero calories!

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  • sharonl By  sharonl    

    I drink Zero most of the time when I drink soda. I love the taste and the fact zero calories

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  • richlady By  richlady    

    I am a Coke woman, but don't like Coke Zero. It is too sweet to me. I prefer Diet Coke.

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  • Kathymc420 By  Kathymc420    

    This is the BEST DRINK ever!!! I drink way too much, everyday!!! Absolutely love it!!!

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  • moviegal226 By  moviegal226    

    My doctor said I had to switch to sugar-free soda years ago or else I was on my way to developing diabetes, and that's when I discovered Coke Zero. Wow! It tastes so much like "real" Coke. I don't know what I'd do without it. A very tasty diet soda that makes you forget that you are drinking a diet drink. I'm so glad more restaurants and movie theaters are adding Coke Zero to their drink choices. It is my absolute favorite beverage and is a real treat.

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  • debra853 By  debra853    

    I switched to coke zero several years ago love it, it just right ! If you havent tried it your missing out, always clean and fizzy !

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  • celler By  celler    

    Taste great can't even tell its diet!

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  • hollylyn By  hollylyn    

    Soooooo much better than Diet Coke, hands down! And I just love the Coke Zero Cherry!

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  • luvs2travel By  luvs2travel    

    I agree with Leisha, I am a diehard Coke Classic fan. Dislike Diet Coke for the aftertaste, for me Coke Zero was better than Diet Coke not as good as the real thing but a great option.

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  • Leisha By  Leisha    

    I am a COKE fanatic!! I love the REAL thing for sure!! I hate Diet Coke and I tried the Coke Zero for the 0 calories and have to say it is far better than the Diet Coke taste and it has not bad aftertaste. Still, not as good as the Real thing. I was doing good on Coke Zero until I had a real coke and now just cant go back. LOL

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