Hasbro Cranium Board Game

Hasbro Cranium Board Game

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This is a very fun game to play with many people! Entertaining and funny a game everyone will enjoy.

This is a really, really fun game for people who like to "get into" the games they're playing. Very fun and always funny to see what people come up with... A few cons... it can get pretty heated/competitive, which is great if the people involved are into that; also, it tends to take a LONG time, so if you play it, you want to make an event of it (not a spur-of-the-moment thing).

it's always a great game to play where every one of different ages can enjoy and have a lot of fun.. definitely a favorite party game


me and my girl friends have girls night and play this game almost every time its so fun and we always laugh so hard...

This is one of my all time favorite games. Word of caution though, make sure the container for the clay is closed tight....dry, crumbly clay is hard to manipulate. I haven't had any issues with mine, but a friend who also has the game wasn't as careful.

My family and friends love this game! Yes it takes a long time to play, but it keeps everyone laughing and away from the tv. It is also great that the games has something for everyone. My husband likes the word worm where i like the creative cat. It's a game that everyone can agree on!

I love this game. We have so much fun playing it.

love love love this game! like others have said, we can play with a diverse group of folks, ranging in all ages, and everyone has fun! it's easy to play, although sometimes the trivia questions are hard! but we overall, we have had MANY hysterical laughs because of this game. SO FUN

We like this game, we play for hours on the weekends. our kids love the time it takes because we are together.

This is our favorite game! Lots of fun!

As corny as this may sound, this is an awesome game for an adult party. It brings all kinds of people together. I've played it with *so* many different kinds of people, from very reserved to very wild and it's been great fun every time. I can't imaging anyone *not* having fun with this game!

It's a good game for somthing different. I like how it combines several games into one but that can make it a bit confusing.

Crainum is are game night hit!!! Love it!! It is a great game for group of couples.

I got this game for christmas 2 years ago...my family would play it till all hours of the night. My favorite part is when you have to hum the song.....half the songs my mom had never heard of so it was funny when she was trying to guess....or when she had to hum them herself....