Halo Top Ice Cream

Halo Top Ice Cream

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Great treat but a bit sweet Yes, this ice "cream" is a bit pricey. It dilutes the cream down with milk, however, so technically it is ice half and half. The flavors are great, if you want them to be oversweetened. A better way to make this treat would have been to swirl a flavored syrup or jam into vanilla to reduce the sweet flavor a bit and emphasize the sweet part in the syrup compared to the "cream." I have to make my favorite flavor by repacking vanilla into a tub with kiwi fruit "jam" in layers. Freeze, then scoop out. DELICIOUS!

Pistachio I tried the pistachio. I'm not normally big on pistachio ice cream, however. I absolutely loved it. It was so good, great price. I would definitely recommend.

They're nice when you have that craving. However, so far I've tried a couple of the flavors and the texture is more like a sherbet to me than ice cream. Still, I guess for that calorie count, I really can't complain!

Does not taste like low calorie ice cream! I tried the chocolate version. It was creamy and flavorful.

Big Taste Low Calories I've tried 4 flavors from the Halo Top brand and I was very satisfied, they flavors were spot on and the fact that it's low cal ice cream is a plus!

Where are the yummy toppings? I bought Halo Top Ice Cream at my local Shop Rite. I tried the S'mores variety. While the ice cream tasted nice,there were no chocolate chips or graham crunch pieces like it stated in the list of ingredients. I guess I got an odd pint out of the bunch. Was really disappointing.

Interesting flavors This ice cream is very sweet I find myself getting at least 4 servings out of one pint if not more.. fills you up and gets rid of your sweet tooth without the guilt afterwards. i'm only giving this 4 stars because some flavors are gross so if you have a bad experience for your first try.. don't give up too soon. try another flavor!.

It's not for my kids....I don't like to share. Biggest challenge is keeping the kids from stealing it! The only flavor I don't care for is vanilla bean. I make homemade ice cream, but am on WW and lactose intolerant. I like the caramel flavor and pistachio , but also eat the chocolate almond. I suggest you thaw in microwave for 20 seconds, or let it sit out a few minutes to get softer. It is a bit pricey, so I wait for it to go on sale, and stock up.

Accidental Pint Eater I have a bad habit of sometimes eating an entire pint of ice cream while sitting down watching a movie with my boyfriend, leaving me feeling both guilty and uncomfortably full afterwards. Halo Top may not do anything to help with the physical discomfort from over-eating, but I certainly feel a lot less unhealthy after eating a pint of this than I do after regular ice cream. Sometimes the flavors might be a little odd, but overall it is a very useful and tasty product.

I love them, they are very rich I always buy them they are creamy divine with cookies on summer evenings, my daughter loves to always have them in my fridge

I love them, they are very rich I always buy them they are creamy divine with cookies on summer evenings, my daughter loves to always have them in my fridge

Love it I have never tasted this healthy of an ice cream that actually tasted amazing!

Great Taste Great Numbers The numbers on this ice cream are great. The taste is rich & flavorful- but reminds me somewhat of ice milk that my grandma used to eat. The flavors I have tried have all be very good. A little on the pricey side unless on sale with a coupon.

Great low calorie snack Tried the birthday cake flavor. Tasted more like ice milk. It was much better in a shake made with almond milk. Thought it was really good considering the whole pint was only 280 calories.

Keep in mind I've only tried the mint chip. I suspect this might be one of those products where you can't be looking for a substitute to enjoy it. You have to be able to appreciate it in its own right. I was looking for a substitute for ice cream, so was out of luck. This doesn't taste bad, really. It just doesn't taste like ice cream. The sweetness level is just right and it doesn't taste artificial. The texture is rather peculiar though. It's like if someone decided to make a frozen treat out of cottage cheese. If you don't care for the creamy texture of ice cream and yogurt, the Halo Top might be just what you're looking for. I like the creamy texture of ice cream and yogurt, so this was not really for me. Maybe I'll give it another chance though, and try out a different flavor for comparison's sake.