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  • nannybrister nannybrister

    McD's Fries are not Vegan/Vegetarian friendly

    This is not a positive review for those of you who do not eat meat products. I have been a vegetarian for about 9 years now and still went to McD's because they had fries and fries are potatoes, right? However after consuming who knows how many pounds of them, I found out that one of the ingredients is Beef Flavoring which comes from cow bones. Since then, I am fries-free; but I was/am awfully mad at McD's for not being truthful.

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  • Phaedrakeat By  Phaedrakeat    


    I hate these fries. I hear people say these are their favorite kind of fry and I just cannot agree. They are so small you get absolutely no flavor. They are literally like chewing on deep fried pieces of cardboard.


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