DripDrop Hydration Powder - Lemon

DripDrop Hydration Powder - Lemon

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The taste of the lemon DripDrop made me not like this at all. It was much to tart and it was not a flavor that I liked or enjoyed at all. The lemon taste and the aftertaste is much to strong.

I love putting lemon slices in my water so I was excited to try the lemon flavor. It was very strong and tangy, it also had a pretty artificial taste to it. It definitely reminded me of a sports drink.

The flavor was not appealing, very twangy. Did not feel a tremendous benefit from it.

I really like this! Really yummy and when I drank this, I did not have any moments of dizziness from dehydration. Definitely a win in my book!

I enjoyed the lemon flavor. I can't say that I actually felt more hydrated then drinking just a glass of water. I wish that it would dissolve better.

We did not care for the lemon flavor, the only one who would drink it was my son. The aftertaste was even worse. I would not recommend it.

Taste fake and didn't really care for it.

I really like the idea of the product but the lemon flavor was a bit too strong for me.

the lemon drink puts you in the mind of a Gatorade it's salty tasting so therefore I did not like the drink itself. the only way that I would recommend this is if a person likes Gatorade products.

this stuff taste is really strong to me , I shared it with my family while we were at legoland and they didnt seem to mind it but I had a hard time drinking it really tart and strong tasting

mmmeehh. artificial-tasting. putting real lemon juice in my water is better and natural. berry was better - would buy that

I really liked the lemon flavor...my samples came at a great time. Shared with family that had the flu.

Hmm well it was alright. I like the concept of it but don't know if it really works and the flavor was a little strong but I didn't mind it.

LOVED this stuff. I drink 32 oz. of water every morning before I eat anything. I added drip drop and it was so delicious! I drank it every day and I felt even more hydrated than when I drank water alone. I have to stock up on this for when any of us gets sick. Really great stuff. I loved it.

Didn't particularly like the taste or aftertaste of this product. I'll stick with the other products I've been using.