DripDrop Hydration Powder - Berry

DripDrop Hydration Powder - Berry

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It was okay nothing special. Won't buy it.

I felt like it helped with hydration while I was on vacation. the berry did taste better then the lemon but still really strong taste and after taste i really didnt like it . it reminded me of pedialyte just really strong

I really liked the taste! My samples came at a great time during the flu season.

The berry flavor was ok. I like that these are easily portable but the flavors need some improvement. Probably won't buy this product.

I really liked this product and the way it tasted. It made me feel more hydrated and have more energy. I like that it comes in small packets so I can take it with me on the go. The flavor was just right not o strong or to weak. As much as I liked this flavor I preferred the lemon better.

I found the flavor to be just OK. I like the convenience of the powder packets, but frankly I prefer the taste of gatorade.

I liked the flavor of this better than the lemon but I seemed to be more thirsty after drinking it. I didn't enjoy the after taste of either, but I am used to drinking water plain.

It tasted just ok. Not sure if I would purchase, I think plain water would do the trick.

I love the effectiveness of this product, and the fact that it is easy to keep handy. I have tried a lot of different powders with my water, and this one is right near the top of the heap. I am a fan. It has been hard to find the product in stores, however. (I was sent a free sample to try.)

I tried the Berry flavor DripDrop powder and was not too impressed with it. I didn't care much for the flavor and neither did my children, we took it during an afternoon of hiking. I didn't see much difference in how I felt hydrated from it compared to just drinking water. I don't plan on buying in the future.

I was not impressed with this product. 1. there was no info telling me how this powder was supposed to hydrate me more than just the water I was drinking already, 2. taste and texture was not pleasant. Felt like I was drinking a fiber supplement. I will not recommend nor buy.

This stuff did a great job at hydration. I used it b/f and after running and I liked the feeling it gives. The taste could have definitely been better, but I liked it better than the Lemon flavored. Would definitely use again in the future, but would hope they make the flavors better.

I liked the flavor better then the other lemon and felt like it wasnt so strong

Tasty! Kid loved it for soccer practice.

I liked the lemon flavor better then the berry - I also noticed it tasted a lot better with more water then required. It does it job and does keeps you hydrated with is great but i wish the flavors were a better.