Aveda Naturally Straight

Aveda Naturally Straight

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I was very excited about this product. Then I opened it up and the smell made me sick. I am pregnant and thought it was my overly sensitive nose that was to blame for my dislike of the scent, but my friend also gave it a try for me and it was too strong for her as well. While this product worked well, the smell was too much for me to use more than once. My hair was smoother after using this product, but I washed my hair right away since the smell was making me very nauseous. Since I was unable to allow the product to stay in my hair for too long, I'm unsure how the product would have worked for the entire day.

I received a full size product from Shespeaks. I used it the first day and I agree my hair felt so greasy. I am going to have to go back and try and smaller portion, since I am now reading reviews that I need to use a smaller amount than the directions say. I will have to report back and let you know what I think.

I also received a full size product from SheSpeaks. I used it the first day and I my hair felt so greasy. I tried it again and still my hair felt greasy. In fact it took me 3 washes to get my hair somewhat back to normal.

Pros: worked miracles on my frizzies, and certainly smoothed as it promised it would. Cons: the product smelled bad, made my hair feel weird, and stripped it of all volume. I would be returning the product if I had paid for it. Disappointed.

I was excited to try the Aveda Naturally Straight hair product I followed the directions closely. But in the end, all I got was heavy, almost greasy hair. Very disappointed.

I have very thick, wavy hair, but unfortunately this product didn't work for me. The directions were easy to follow and I did so for the last five days. My hair did feel silky after use, but I still had waves and noticeable frizz. I was hopeful the Aveda Smooth Infusion product would work for me because Aveda is such a qualtiy brand, but I'm going back to the drawing board.

I have extremely curly hair and have to use a flat iron everyday so I was happy to receive this product. I did what the instructions said and I couldn't get all the frizz out when blow drying so I had to use the flat iron as well. My hair felt greasy and my hair started to frizz.

Although my hair was straighter, I felt it was very greasy. I felt I would need to wash my hair everyday or it would get stringy and look oily. I probably won't buy this product.

I have very thick naturally wavy/curly hair that gets frizzy in humidity. So I was excited to try this because I love when my hair is straight but don't like the time it takes to flatten it out. I don't wash my hair everyday so it took me awhile to get to the five washes. At the fourth wash the only part of my hair that was getting straight was the front which is the lightest, thinnest part of my hair. After washing the 5th time and drying it, the same thing happened. The back and sides of my hair are still wavy not straight and the hair that frames my face is straight. I think if you have thin hair then this will probably work but it definitely did not for me. The only plus side is my hair felt soft after using it but there was still frizz.

Makes my hair look and feel greasy.

I tried this product and while it straightened my hair, I could not get over the bad smell of the product when applying. The smell was just too overwhelming for me.

The first day or two I was pretty excited about this product- because my hair didn't feel dry, frizzy and unhealthy. It felt smooth and shiny and healthy. After day 3 - however- it started to feel greasy. I used the recommended amount- actually a little less due to my shorter cut- but still felt greasy. I also felt the smell was really strong and not as natural-smelling as some of my favorite Aveda products. I've been using Aveda for over 20 years -- and this smell was my least favorite. After 5 days-- I stopped conditioning my hair because I felt it was too moist-- and it was no longer looking shiny and healthy- just limp and static-y. I tried not straightening my hair after day 5 and it just went back to its normal self- with a little greasy feeling. I might use this product 1-2 days per week for some smooth and shine- but definitely not 5 days in a row.

I was so excited to try this product. My hair is wavy, though I like to dry it pin straight and humidity is not my friend. I want to product that will help instead of having to get an expensive keratin treatment. The product itself smells nice and isn't too heavy, but it doesn't help much in keeping my hair straight--especially my bangs. Will continue to use, in hopes that many more applications will eventually produce desired results.

I didn't really care for the smell. It seemed to help with the straightening, but my hair felt more corse and dry. Not a big fan of this product.

I was really excited to try a product from Aveda since I don't use products tested on animals. That's where the pro's ended for me. The product left my hair feeling greasy and sticky at the roots and dry looking at the ends. I also felt the instructions required way too much work (apply in sections, blow dry and flat iron) and the end result was actually worse than my normal straightner. The smell needs improvement, usually Aveda products smell amazing. Finally, I don't wear my hair straight every day so having to use this product several times before getting the desired result won't work for me.