Summer's Eve Simply Soft feminine Wipes

Summer's Eve Simply Soft feminine Wipes

              Rated #7 in Feminine Care
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Fresh Leaves you feeling fresh for a time where you feel gross down there, be a little gentle if you just shaved tho

Awesome product This product is awesome. They come in different scents for the gals who love scented products. I use them regularly especially when it's that time of the month. They leave a clean fresh feeling.

This perfect around the time of the month and better to use

Nice product and it does not have any odor. I carry this wipes anywhere.

Pricey The product is designed great and is very convenient. The wipes are easy to carry and can easily fit in your back pocket so you don't have to carry your purse with you just to go to the restroom. Great in a gym bag! I am only giving a three because I believe the price is a little expensive for the amount of product your get.

Great size, not too small. Thick wipe so you can use the backside. Very nice light scent, a lot of times these things have a harsh smell that I feel like everyone can smell on me, but not with these. The wrapper is paper and plastic mixture so they are silent to open, which I appreciate.

Love keeping these in my purse, backpack, or taking them in my overnight bag. Makes me feel clean, smells great, and very handy.

Makes me feel clean and works great, not the biggest fan on the smell but it definitely smells better than other wipes.

Great product. Easily to carry for individual use. Smells nice and cleans well.

These are the only feminine wipes I use. I like the individual packing. Toss right in your purse or makeup bag. Doesn't hurt to freshen up. Gotta always smell and feel good, especially when it's that time of the month.

Love,love,love this product. I use everything Summers Eve and this product is no exception. They are reasonably priced, beautiful packed and easy to carry in any purse, bag, backpack etc, I always have these on me feels great knowing you can clean up and feel refreshed even in public, they smell great and I have never had any allergic reaction, rash or anything. .love them and recommend the all women,

Absolutely love these wipes. They are convenient and easy to use and most importantly they work!

These feminine wipes actually caused me some problems. They seemed fine at first and smelled really nice. However, they caused me to burn and sting pretty badly. Eventually, I developed an infection. I do have sensitive intimate skin, but I was let down by these wipes.

I love the convenience of the individually wrapped wipes. Great to keep in my bag for anytime.

This makes everything better. Even more when it's that time of month. It makes your feel refreshed and clean. Very nice and recommend if you're having any sort of trouble down there.