Huggies Overnites

Huggies Overnites

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I like Huggies overnights! There is NO leaking whatsoever however 99% of the time normal Huggies diapers don't leak so I honestly don't think it s practical to buy diapers specifically for nighttime. They are a bit pricey too but all diapers are!

These are great! No leaks!

Love these diapers, absorbs a lot and my son never wakes up with wet clothes from leaks.

these work well.

You can't dodge the 'wet sheet morning' 100% of the time. But with my 3rd, I'm finding myself a Huggies loyalist. I had twin boys 14 yrs ago and I was a staunch Pampers fan. It just wasn't working for Mr. #3. I can't say why. Just like I can't explain why I don't enjoy Pepsi or BK fries anymore. Something just changed! Either way, I'm giving Huggies a well deserved 4-star (5 for 100% which is impossible to me).

We use Huggies all the time for overnight!! For us they are a lifesaver our daughter would will sleep for almost 12 hours a night and would always wake up in the morning wet, once we started using the overnights she can sleep almost 13-14 hours a night =) As crazy as it sounds she has always been a great sleeper through the night, the only thing that wakes her up is being wet and now with the Huggies overnights we no longer have that issue.

I did just try these last night and they are great. My 10 month old woke up dry even thou she had a full diaper

These are the only night diapers I use. They keep my boys dry without turning their tush red. I love the extra over night hold they have and the great leakage protection. They save me from changing the sheets nightly and from having to wake them in the middle of the night in order to keep them dry.

Not too different from the regular Huggies Diapers but they are a little thicker which I imagine is not as comfortable as the regular diapers. And they are slightly more absorbent.

These diapers are amazing! Def last all night without leaks...I swear by them!

I used these day and night with my son, they worked great, never leaked and had cute designs. Will buy again with future babies in conjunction with cloth diapering.

I have used these a couple times, but I am not crazy about how stiff they feel. I also had a leaking problem with them and I know that some diapers leak, but to be made for overnight I hoped that they wouldn't leak.

Huggies diapers and pull-ups are the only thing we used. My daughter was allergic to Pampers and none of the other brands worked nearly as well as Huggies.

I prefer Pampers, but these Huggins overnights seemed to work really well. My only problem was that my son would occasionally wake up covered in the little gel beads used to absorb wetness because he peed so much that the inside tore. Most of the time they worked fine.

I use these diapers for both my girls. For my first daughter they were the only ones that didn't leak throughout the night. my second daughter is just turning one she is %100 tummy sleeper, I have never seen her sleeping on her back since she was able to roll over, these diapers along with many others I have tried, leak EVERY time with her sleeping on her stomach, but Huggies overnights are the most absorbent out of all other brands, and the least likely to fall apart and get those little gel crystals everywhere. Overall this product is the best brand I have used, and would recommend them over any other brand I have tried so far.