Gillette Fusion ProSeries Irritation Defense Soothing Moisturizer

Gillette Fusion ProSeries Irritation Defense Soothing Moisturizer

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This smells nice and left my husbands face smooth and feeling great, this is a product I wouldn't have purchased before trying but now I will add it to my regular shopping because he likes it !

My husband loved this! He loved how his face felt after shaving. It has helped his skin a lot!

My son and husband love this shaving cream. It has a nice thick lather, smells great, and leaves skin soft and helps with irritation from shaving. They have been using this for some time now and it is their favorite.

Nice and clean smells nice and doesn't irritate

The product has a nice texture & absolutely helped with after shaving irritation.

Leaves skin soothed and helped to not form shaving bumps!

My husband doesn't shave his face at home he goes to the barber so I gave it to my dad to use. He said it went on well and smooth. It has a soft smell and didnt bother him at all. He already said that he will purchase a larger bottle once he is done with the sample.

This product has really helped my husband with facial irritation, he loves it

Husband liked this product allot, even though he doesn't have sensitvie skin

My husband tried it and likes it better than the aftershave he was using. He really doesn't need "irritation defense" but used it in lieu of aftershave for the scent. He said it doesn't sting and the scent isn't too strong so it's a thumbs up.

I couldn't get my husband to use I tried it on my bikini line. I have to say that I have no ingrown hairs...which I usually get a lot of. I don't love the way it smells....I would on a guy. It leaves my skin soft an much less prone to irretation.

Hubby loves this stuff and I love how much softer his face feels! So nice!

My husband tried it, upon my request. He said, "It was nice. It felt good on his face. " Sorry but that's all I could get out of him. I asked him if he would use it again, he said yes. He's a roughed-neck mountain man though. The only thing I've seen him put on his face is camo paint for hunting. He shaves with the traditional GILLETTE GOOD NEWS RAZORS. GOod luck reaching the man market! Lol it smells good to me. I want to find a womens product, that does the same as this men's product. :) if u know of one, let me know.

although this is only one part of a system. My husband used this product for a few weeks and told me that it made his face feel smoother especially after having it get wind burnt with our high winds recently added to the fact that he works outside. He also said it dramatically reduced razor drag and I enjoyed the smell of it when he used it!

My Husband really like that it was a moisturizer for men and it made hos face smooth.