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  • nickig83 By  nickig83    

    I love my swiffer duster. It works great everywhere I use it.

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  • Lynn4677 By  Lynn4677    

    I used Swifter for the first time - like the comercial "it really does" work! the dust sticks to it!

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  • klr2177 By  klr2177    

    I really like this product, mainly because anything to do with dust I throw away asap, so the fact that you can "refill" this product is great! The only downfall I have found is if you have really tall ceiling this will not reach all the way, the extender only goes so far! I am a die-hard swiffer lover.

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  • commit2fitkc By  commit2fitkc    

    I have two cats and this product works wonders on catching dust and fur in one swipe. It's also great and getting into tight spots and around objects!

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  • jellybird By  jellybird    

    SWIFFERS are the best thing invented. These dusters are excellent for picking up dog hair, dust and really holds on to it. they are so easy and convenient to use. They work great on any piece of furniture and they are made out of soft materials that will not hurt any thing in the home.

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  • moonwitch52 By  moonwitch52    

    I cannot brag enough about my swifer 360 dusters, especially when I put them on the long extension . I can dust and clean ceiling fans with ease and I have 10 foot ceilings. I live in a house that is about 75 yrs old. I cannot live without my swifers

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  • kitakat08 By  kitakat08    

    Great for cleaning high ceilings (cob webs), dusting ceiling fan blades and quick daily dusting on furniture. Easy to use, grabs all the dust in on swipe and convenient. I like the scented ones the best because they leave the whole house smelling great and clean.

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  • cdrawls By  cdrawls    

    I love Swiffer products and this one is no different.

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  • paddybear88 By  paddybear88    

    SO happy that they made a swivel variety. Makes cleaning a lot easier!!

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  • SheSpeaks_Team By  SheSpeaks_Team    

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