Bath & Body Works PocketBac Hand Sanitizer

Bath & Body Works PocketBac Hand Sanitizer

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I love this i love anything from bath and body works

Love there great smells and travel sizes. Great to have, especially with kids.

These are great for kids to use all day while out to keep them safe from viruses. Awesome for travel or on field trips.

Love all these little hand sanitizers from bath and body works. My favorite products they smell so good and at the same time it's good to always sanitizer your hands. It helps clean your hand and prevent spreading bacteria to other people or you getting it. Love the small one because you can take it everywhere you go and you can sanitizer your hands alwaysand prevent getting sick.

My favorite hand sanitizer. I always have one @ work. My kids love them too.

I love this product! They are so convenient and the perfect size for small wallet in the summer. The smell is fabulous and my teenage daughter just can't get enough of all the scents.

I love the smell! I always have one in my purse, desk at work, and diaper bag.

I like the small size - it doesn't take up a huge amount of room in my purse. Fits snuggly into matching holder (purchased separately) . Offers a variety of smells -a few are stronger than others. I personally, like the toned down smells. I always have it on hand when in demand.

I love the different smells! Much better than regular sanitizer!!!

I can't live without my Bath & Body Works hand sanitizer. You just add it to the outside of your pocketbook & go. I love all the great scents they have.

LOVE these perfect little pocket sized hand sanitizers! I can just throw them in my diaper bag and off we go. It really comes in handy having a child too, always getting into everything. The only downside is that they sometimes leak out of the cap. But most of the time I have no problem with them.

The smell is very strong! But I feel clean after using it!

This product is easy to carry to school for my three daughters and we love the variety of scents that are available. I purchase several before school with the holder and the attach it easily to their backpack. There are no disappointments. They are also very affordable, which comes in handy as school is just weeks away!

These smell fantastic! They are a handy size, and make an excellent gift for anyone. I just bought five with five holders, so I have have them on hand as gifts. The hand sanitizer does not feel sticky.

My daughter thinks these are he best. They smell wonderful and keep her healthy. My only complaint is the price