L'Oreal Paris Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream

L'Oreal Paris Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream

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I got my Loreal Paris BB cream a week ago, been using it everday. I really dont like it for my skin. I think it just gives u a nice glow but nothing else. It doesnt cover to much and it lever my skin looking dryer. so for me I dont really care for it at all. But when i use it with my foundation i just look like I have lots of cover up on. but if u dont weair cover up and want a nice glow its for you. Thanks for letting me try the Loreal BB cream. I really hate when I buy makeup and I dont like it or doesnt work good for my face . Thanks again SheSpeaks

I was hoping for something smoother or a little more moisturizing. Left my skin feeling and looking dry. The color tone was perfect though.

It drys really fast so you have to hurry to get it applied. I was surprised that it colored my skin since it was a milky white to start with. However, it did give my skin a nice flawless coverage. It did not cause any break outs and that made it worth more to me.

I have been using my B.B cream for a week now and I am still not quite sold on it. Maybe after another weeks usage my star rating will be increased. I was shocked to find a white cream when I went to try it. So shocked I thought something was wrong - maybe the tint was missing that I emailed SheSpeaks who confirmed that it was meant to be white. I also found it dried very fast. So fast I couldn't get it to spread all over my face in time. So, I put a small amount of my own moisturizer on my face and then dab the B.B cream on top - then I rub it in. That seems to have stopped it from drying up and absorbing into my skin so fast. It is grainy however not enough to really bother me or prevent me using it. I would like to see the cream a little thinner, maybe that would help it spread better. I am using the medium tint and have to say I am impressed with the amount of tint that appears. It is very natural and blends in very well with my skin tone. I will post another review after using it a few more days. I need to get used to how the product works to make sure I am not judging it unfairly.

I already reviewed this but have used it again and I will give it the same review, didn't feel my skin benefited from using this cream and as far as covering anything it didn't i would have to use foundation over this cream so I figure it is a waste of my time and money for ME to use this, might be better for other peoples skin.

The product has a nice feel- not overly oily or too moisturizing. I got 'medium' and it was too dark, but will fit perfectly when I get a little darker in the summertime. The coverage, I wasn't expecting more than a medium coverage at the very most, and this was not that. I'd say it had a sheer-light coverage, and didn't think it was worth building up. If I wanted fuller coverage, I should've used a foundation which doesn't offer the same moisturizing and other skin benefits of this BB Cream. If you go into this product knowing its intended purpose, it performs very well and will not disappoint, but you can't expect this product to be something it's not.

I tried the Fair shade and it did make my pores seem smaller and softened and smoothed my skin, but the shade was a little light for me. I didn't particularly like the scent and it did cause some breakouts. It also felt a little heavy on my skin. So there were both advantages and disadvantages for me.

I never used BB, And thank you for the opportunity. Over all coverage was awesome. Very light, non greasy. Gave a smooth finish. At first. I thought how can this really improve imperfections ? It do not cover 100%, but I noticed it covered most imperfections and have to say I WAS PLEASANTLY SURPRISE. I will be recommending this BB to all I come accross

I tried this product and its ok. It doesn't cover enough for me. So I wouldn't use it as my only foundation. My skin tends to break out if I use something different than my usual brand. It made me break out a little bit. Plus I have oily skin and for some reason my skin feels really oily after a few hours with this product. Its a good product but i didn't like the way it feels on my face.

I was really excited to receive my full sized sample; thank you! After 2 weeks of using this product I think it has its pros and cons. I do think it does a fantastic job of evening skin tone, unfortunately, for me, the color didn't match my skin color so it was very obvious where I had applied it. The concept is cool and it is amazing how it changes colors on contact. It is magic!

After using the product for a good few weeks , I can say that I do like it . However, I think a few of the magical elements that are used to describe the BB cream are not so , magical . I have used primers before , this cream is nothing compared to it . As far as the correcting part , that I would have to disagree with . Although the product DOES have slight coverage , it definitely does not correct . I found myself using this BB cream as more of a tinted moisturizer in the mornings BEFORE I apply any other products .

I received the Loreal Paris BB Cream a few weeks ago. I wanted to try it for a few weeks before writing a review. The BB Cream, which I requested and received, is the shade ?Dark?. When I first squirted the cream out of the bottle, I noticed that the shade was an odd color, but I had read that it's supposed to be that way, so I didn't panic. I then applied the BB Cream to my face; I actually liked the texture of it as I smoothed it in. After the application, I didn't notice any difference on my face, so I applied my mineral foundation to the areas, which needed it the most, and a bit of powder and I was off to start my day. I've been using the BB Cream in this manner for a few weeks now, however, last week, I began to notice that my skin was a bit muddy in appearance later in the day. I was wondering why and just this morning, I finally figured it out, and it?s the BB Cream. For some strange reason, it's a bit too dark for my complexion. I have a caramel complexion and I assumed that the BB Cream in ?Dark? would be the perfect fit, unfortunately, I was wrong. The BB cream works well as a primer and makes my face a smooth canvas, but I have to give it 3 stars due to my dissatisfaction with the coloring.

I love the generous full size tube. Speaking of the tube, it was easy to dispense the product and it fit easily into my makeup bag. I was surprised at first by the grainy texture and silvery color of the cream. I was pleased to find that once it was rubbed in, the cream transformed in a smooth, silky texture and the color changed to match my skin tone. I was very impressed by the color matching "magic". I know that this is a BB cream and would give very light coverage. Unfortunately for me, my skin is horrid and littered with acne scars. So I cannot wear this cream alone if I want a more flawless face. Once the cream sank in my skin felt soft and smooth and I noticed the cream has shimmery flecks that I'm sure create brightness. Overall it's a nice product, but for me it would serve as a primer for a full coverage foundation rather than a stand alone product.

I received my sample of Magic B B L'oreal Skin Beautifier a few weeks ago. I love the texture, it's very light. It provides a light coverage, so it looks quite natural on me. But it doesn't feel moisturazing at all, that's why I'm giving it 3 stars.

I've used this product for over a week and really like it as a primer and moisturizer. Not crazy about the shade, I used light, but overall I like it well enough to purchase again in a different shade.