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  • COMoores By  COMoores    

    I went back to work after I had my first son. I used these with him and they worked great to keep down the amount of air he took in. It was also an easy transition from breast to bottle and back.

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  • AmandaAshley By  AmandaAshley    

    I like this bottle. I didn't like the cleaning part, but I used other bottles before and my son was gassy and fussy. I read other reviews on these bottles and tried them my son had no more problems. I definitely would recommend these bottles.

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  • mommy15 By  mommy15    

    The one and only bottle I'll use. All the other bottles give my son colic something terrible. Must have. Love these bottles.

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  • kvila1989 By  kvila1989    

    I love these bottle there annoying to wash with all the parts but it's invitable.

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  • Newmommy6315 By  Newmommy6315    

    I started my son on these bottles and have never had a problem with them so I definitely never will change it. no colicky baby here and there never will be thanks to dr. browns

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  • catpowell91 By  catpowell91    

    I got one of these bottles as a freebie give away from a large baby store chain. I was using another more expensive bottle designed to reduce colic. After using the one bottle of this I have I am going to replace all my bottles of the other brands on my next store run. My baby didn't have as much gas when ever we use this bottle. My only complaint is the blue straw is hard to clean like the other reviews said but I am sure when I get the bottle brush that will be resolved.

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    honestly I don't like this bottle mainly because its difficult to clean and feed my concern is the straw I just don't get it but you notice that infants are feeding from this bottle and when turned nipple down during suckling the straw is up when the liquid decreases the child is getting sucking on nothing but air which makes them fussy and gives them gas as well as irritates me a whole lot. when it comes to cleaning the straw is narrow so its a real challenge to get it cleaned its always in my conscious what if my kid gets an infection so honestly I will never purchase this bottle again it was a total waste of my money and time. I'll stick to advent bottles I used it on my kid and no stressful cleaning or colic

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  • Adair90 By  Adair90    

    these bottles are pretty good I have used them with 3 different babies for a short period of time but I always switch to a different kind as soon as baby can because these are awful to clean!

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  • rcameron55 By  rcameron55    

    Dr. Brown's is the best bottles there is. We tried to even switch to another brand and my baby was up all night, and was so colicky. I then started using them again and back to my normal baby. Never switching again!

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  • MommaSholly06 By  MommaSholly06    

    My son used the Dr. Browns bottles for a very short time, thought they seem to be very good bottles, the flow from the nipple was just to much for my baby. I think the bottles would of been great if there was no leakage from the nipple when turned upside down. The extra leaking seemed to be to much for my baby to handle.

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  • khyaiin By  khyaiin    

    These bottles are fine. My baby was not picky and did not have any colic or reflux issues like many other babies. The Dr. Brown bottles were highly recommended to us by quite a few people when I was pregnant so we got some of them. The only thing that is terrible about them is that there are extra parts (two extra parts that require a special cleaning wand that is included) to clean. When you have to wash bottles and pump and wash all that stuff too, it can just get annoying and too much. Since my child wasn't picky, we decided to forgo using them unless we had too.

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  • JessLangston1 By  JessLangston1    

    These bottles are wonderful if you have a baby that is gassy and ingesting too much air. I won't like, they are a pain to clean but if you are having feeding issues it is well worth it.

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  • valerie0309 By  valerie0309    

    Great for smaller babies, way less air intake. I was breastfeeding, so the small nipples were not great when trying to go back and forth. Better for just bottle feeding

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  • Tiwh77 By  Tiwh77    

    These were my absolute favorite bottles. Hardly ever had a leaking problem. Super sturdy and love the new color options.

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  • alvaradofamily By  alvaradofamily    

    I remeber 7 years ago i was having my baby shower and my mother in law at the time gave me these for my first son.Ill be honest my first look at the bottles was oh man this are gunna be hell. Well my son was born and im so glad i used these bottles. They helped alot with gas and they are super easy to clean. Here i am bouts to have my 6th children and willl be buying these again

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