Fage Greek Yogurt

Fage Greek Yogurt

              Rated #7 in Dairy
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As a replacement for sour cream it is fantastic, but as a stand alone dish I really don't care for it. Not like ice cream.

Tried Fage for the first time and to my surprise it was very good! The texture is great and the fruit is fresh.

I love the thick creamy texture. I use it in cooking and baking too.

Just discovered this and love it! Feels so sinful when you eat it, cannot believe its good for you. I've started using it in place of sour cream in soups and dips. Delicious

Fage was my go-to greek yogurt before everyone else started making greek yogurt, and it's still the best in my opinion. I love using just a touch of fage in greek salads or when making falafel wraps, but it's the best with some fresh berries and a touch of honey on top.

I use this yogurt in my cooking, I like it as a substitute for oil as a healthier option, everything tastes great when I use it. I will never go back to using oil!

This is one of the best Greek Yogurts I have ever had. It is really thick and has great flavor. I like the plain ones, as well as, the fruit options. I do think my all time favorite flavor is the honey.

Great Greek yogurt! I enjoy this Greek yogurt for cooking, in cereal and just with fruit. It's a close second to Chobani but the fact that I can buy it at Aldi takes the cake!

This is the best Greek yogurt, I love it I like Chobani, but it can't beat the flavor and thickness and texture of Fage. Plain or fruit, it is the best commercial Greek yogurt!!