Secret Scent Expressions Cocoa Butter Kiss Body Splash

Secret Scent Expressions Cocoa Butter Kiss Body Splash

              Rated #8 in Deodorant
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I really like this body spray. It isn't something I would purchase for myself, but I received a free sample and tried it. It is really nice - light, summery and beachy. I'll be using this a lot this summer!

I wasn't sure I was going to like this - it seemed a little strong when I sniffed it. It's actually quite nice on your skin. I find that it's more of a hint of scent rather than surrounding me with a cloud of fragrance. Strong smells can trigger a headache for me and I hate passing someone in a store or on the street and you can practically see the waves of scent coming off of them. This is a definite summer scent - it goes nicely with the cocoa butter lotion that I use during the summer. I would buy it again.

This has a good scent. You can count on Secret to put out a good product consistently.

I find this product on sale at Target and decided to give it a try. I loved the scent and I feel it last fairly long. This type of product is great for summer, very light, not too heavy.

I love this spray and the scent stayed longer than any other i used before

The spray smells nice, but wish the scent lasted longer. The deodorant works well and smells nice.

love that it matches deodarant,give 3 stars cause smell while yummy it fades quickly.

Thisis a great scent for Summer. It's lightweight and leaves you feeling clean. It gives you that suntan and beach feeling.

I love this spray...light and airy, perfect for a summer day, will be purchasing in the future for sure!!

Nice touch when using deodorant in same scent. It's very light and fresh.

I would have never purchased this scent, so it was nice to get this sample and try it. I love it and will purchase it again.

I bought this at the store the other day and it had a deoderant attached also. It lasts all day, smells great and with the deoderant your senses feel good all day! I love it!!

love it it smells great!!

I don't use perfumes in the summer time since it just seems too 'heavy' but body mists are perfect for these hot days and this scent takes this midwestern gal to the beach every time (in my mind). Thanks!

I absolutely loved it; I just wish that the scent lasted longer.