Maybelline Volum'Express The Mega Plush Mascara

Maybelline Volum'Express The Mega Plush Mascara

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I really like this mascara. It separates my lashes and doesn't make them clumpy. It can give a natural look, but it can be built up for a more dramatic look.

loving this!!! been using for a couple of months now and it is great. no lumps, no clumps, flakes, smudging. great mascara

I love this! It gave me exactly what I was looking for :) Perfect volume! The lengthening wasn't anything special though. I'll just stick to my Mally Volumizing Mascara for that :) I really hate the stick though! It makes it wobble up and down alot. The brush is amazing at seperating lashes. I really like the formula as well. I'm not a fan of wet mascara, even though it lengthens like crazy. Seriously ladies, for best results you really need to curl your lashes. What I do is curl one eyelash for ten seconds (or more because i like it that way!), then apply a dry formula mascara (atleast for me because it doesn't weigh down my lashes) THEN apply a wet mascara.

This mascara is a little too subtle for my liking. I feel like it gives a natural look but definitely not enough "oomph". I still prefer L'Oreal voluminous in blackest black. One the plus side it doesn't leave lashes as stiff as most mascara but the results are just OK.

Wish I could like this but I don't. It is just really average and really isn't anything special. :/

i love love love maybelline mascaras and have been using the falsies by maybelline for more than a year and no matter what mascara i use i always go back to it, but since i had such high expectations for maybelline mascaras i desided to try the mega plush mascara. it does not give you volume at all, it is good thought for making your eyelashes look longer and softer, but that's not what i was buying it for so it's not in my interest.

I love this make up.

I do not understand why maybelline cannot make mascara that stays fresh in the tube for more than two weeks. It begins to flake just like all the others. I think by now with how far technology has come they would be capable of developing a lasting and easily gliding, easily removable hypoallergenic mascara. I have been buying the new mascaras that have came out throughout the years.

love is

I found that you have to work at this product to get the look you want. I also used waterproof. It doesn't exactly do what it says it will, but I do like it somewhat.

Nope, doesn't give volume at all but I find that it does separate my lashes well but it gives more of a natural look. I prefer the other Maybelline mascaras as well. This one doesn't thicken as much as I'd like either. It very very natural looking.

If you want volume you're better off using Falsies or Lots of Lashes because their brushes are just as good and the mascara comes on better. This new Mega Plush makes a a big deal about their brush being flexible and the mascara being gel mouse, well that's all fine and good, but it barely shows up on my lashes! I had to use several coats for it to even look like somewhat "volume" and even then I was probably better off using Vaseline on my lashes! I returned this and don't plan on ever purchasing it again.