Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy Total Care Shampoo

Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy Total Care Shampoo

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I LOVE this shampoo! It's very thick and creamy, and lathers up really nicely. It smells wonderful. It made my hair feel soft and silky after just shampooing, whereas normally my hair feels really dry after shampooing. I would use this shampoo every day, if it were a little bit cheaper.

I really wanted to like this one! I loved the scent and the texture of it. It lathered up really nicely;but even after I rinsed thouroughly;it seemed to leave a residue. :(

This shampoo was great for using it a couple times a week to help with my dandruff and get out the extra product in my hair. Using the same shampoo in my hair all the time leaves my hair pretty limp but adding this product in a couple times a week makes it SO much more manageable. I will say that using this more than a couple times a week made it super dry and didn't retain much natural oils... But good product overall!

Absolutely LOVE this line! I have never received more compliments on the scent either! Took me a while to put two and two together, but this line of products doubles as perfume! Great conditioner, really worked well on my thick hair tangles :)

I love this shampoo and conditioner. It leaves my hair soft and doesnt make it frizzy. It also works great for dandruff.

I typically use more expensive shampoo and conditioner from my salon so this was a nice relief for my pockets. As someone who spends bookoo money to try and help my dry and damaged locks I was very pleasantly surprised with this shampoo! I saw nearly instant results from the moisture it provided to the repairing property. It also smells pretty good!

If I could give this shampoo less than one star I would. I have been having issues lately trying to find a decent cheap shampoo for my hair. I just want it to feel bouncy, silky, and nice so when I went to Walmart they had a display announcing the new and awesome shampoo that is was. Okay fine, I will try it out since it is cheap. Within the first day of using the shampoo my hair just didn't feel clean. I thought I did something wrong and tried to rewash it the next day except I rinses and repeated. Within a few weeks my hair was feeling like wax, looked oily, itchy from the dandruff, and just all around horrible. Finally I gave in and went back to my more expensive shampoo and within the first wash my hair was back to normal silky, bouncy, and thick look. It took me a week to get rid of the dandruff and wax. Moral of the story: Don't buy something just because it is cheap.

Really liked the product and glad that they have a "female" fragrance instead of only the more medicine scents

I got this as a sample ,I simply loved it ,the fragrance is so good. I got rid of dandruff in my hair. which is the best part. I liked how manageable it made my hair .I had to go and buy the full size shampoo and conditioner .

smells great and works well

I thought it was a great shampoo for the first ten days. It make my hair very soft and very manageable. I bought the full size and was expecting to continue to see it do that. I was a little disappointed. After a while, it seemed like it was doing nothing for my hair. I stopped using it. After a couple of months, I picked it back up for ten days. My hair was great. So, I love it. But only in ten day increments. For me, it was more like a mask/repair type thing that you would do every month or something.

I like the smell of this shampoo. My hair felt clean after using for the first time. After using for about a week, my hair felt very dry but my hair felt clean and loose. I didn't expect it to do that. I discontinued the use and changed the shampoo and would use it in every other week to use it up.

Great product. I was a little worried to use the Clear Shampoo but am glad I did. It was refreshing and nice to have something different from my normal shampoo. I would recommend not to use on a daily basis, but just once a week. It really gives life back to ur over worked/processed hair..

Another brand of hair products broke my head out into tiny red pimples. This shampoo and conditioner cleared my head up and moisturized my hair. I was very pleased with this shampoo!

I loe t, it doesnt dry my hair out