Johnson's  Baby Powder

Johnson's Baby Powder

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Thumbs Up Smells good and works to eliminate moisture. It is really a helpful additive to nighttime diapers too.

I keep a small bottle on me at all times (for emergencies). It helps with a few things like getting sand off , or itchy skin or oily hair (just a little though) or to cool you off on very hot (sweaty) humid days. I do have a 6 year old that have always avoided using baby powder on him due to the negative affects it may have on his lungs. Otherwise I do enjoy using it myself.

Don't use it much but it smells good

Love it! Old school - always works. I've used this product since, well, I was a baby. They also make a cornstarch version.

May be good to use for adults that may want to use it for various reasons but would never use this around my son.

Not a fan of baby powder. Would rather use a cream than powder!

Baby powder supposedly keeps ants from crossing into your home if placed properly on windowsills and doorways. Not sure if that is actually true, but I use baby powder to soak up grease and oil from my hair if I don't have time to shower. Unfortunately, using too much just makes you look like you have dandruff! As for a baby product, I don't really like using it because of my concern that the baby may inhale tiny particles of it that isn't very visible to the naked eye. I don't really think it's very effective for any purpose on baby's skin, aside from giving baby a stronger "baby powder" smell.

Baby powder has never seemed to help or improve the outcome of any of our babies rashes, be they from wet diapers, heat, moisture rash, ect..its cakey, and dangerous for the baby if they inhale the stuff...overall I see this as a dead end product for your infants now days when there are so many wonderful products that are effective and safer to offer.

to me baby powder is too dusty to be around a newborn baby. id rather use eco friendly ointments instead. plus wouldnt want it spilling everywhere.

Baby powder is SO dangerous for lung aspiration, get RID OF IT moms!!

Might not be safe Not sure I would trust this product. It has caused people to get cancer in the past and even if they have worked out all the quirks, they still don't inspire trust.

We do not use baby powder anymore since reading this article... It may smell pretty but could cause serious harm to your children....

We no longer use baby powder of any kind on our baby. Talcum powder is closely related to asbestos, and inhaling it can be very serious for a baby's small lungs. Yes, I suppose you could take great measures to keep any and all of it out of your baby's face, but isn't it just better to be "safe than sorry"? I would hate to try using this just to absorb moisture and then have my baby suffer serious effects because of it. Besides, most diapers these days do an excellent job of keeping moisture off of baby's little bum. Sorry Johnson & Johnson, but you should retire "baby powder" and market it to adults instead if you're going to keep it in the line-up.

After the negative reviews about infants inhaling this stuff, I stopped using it.

I was specifically told by my sons pediatrician NOT to use this product. Inhalation of the talc particles is dangerous for anyone especially an infant with small developing lungs! It has also been linked to ovarian cancer later in life if used on baby girls! I was told that the 100% cornstarch versions were SLIGHTLY safer as the particles were larger and harder to pass into the lungs. However, i will not be using either version.