Dawn Power Clean

Dawn Power Clean

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Love this stuff. I love doing dishes by hand--I think I've used my dishwasher 3 times overall. This stuff works so well. It's very powerful against grease just like it claims.

love dawn it really foams and it cuts grease in no time.

This is the only brand of dish soap that I buy. It cleans well and really cuts grease. I think you don't have to use as much as other "bargain brands" so it lasts a long time.

This dish soap is great!

Dawn is the only dish soap I use. It is great to fight greasy dishes and surfaces. It's also wonderful to use to wash your car. Works much better than car wash products and it a lot more affordable.

When I have to hand wash dishes (which I hate doing) this is the only detergent that I use. You only need a little squirt and it lasts for a long time throughout a lot of dishes. It smells really clean too!

I love Dawn soap! Only soap I use! Cleans very well!! Love how gentle it is.

This is a staple in my house it gets off food and grease really fast and i also use it to wash my hair for deeper clean.

We only use dawn in our house!!! Blows the competition away when it comes to cleaning dirt and grime off dishes !!!

I love this dish detergent it is one of the only that I use in my home. It helps breakdown stubborn grease and leaves my dishes sparking clean.

By far the best dish soap! It cuts through anything. I just bought my first bottle and will never use any other again

Works really good, cuts grease and I feel it really gets my dishes clean.

Dawn is the only dishsoap I will buy. Every couple of years I stray for no other reason than the store is out of stock, or dawn is not onsale, I always regret straying, and come back to dawn befor finishing the replacement bottle.

Dawn is the best dish liquid I have used by far. It is great on pots on pans gets all the grease off cutting most of the scrubbing and scraping. Love dawn dish liquid.

Best dish liquid ever and not hard on your hands.