Crayola  Sidewalk Chalk

Crayola Sidewalk Chalk

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One of the all-time best outdoor activities for kids of nearly any age! We spend hours outside drawing hopscotch, obstacle courses for bikes, writing messages to passersby, and more. With my kids we have used chalk to practice writing, drawing shapes, talking about colors and more fun learning. As an adult, I even get excited about some of the drawings and "towns" we're making for our Matchbox cars and other toys.

This chalk is top quality! We use it on the sidewalk and on our toddler blackboard, it's super easy to clean up which is a major plus, but the color lasts for numerous sunny days on the sidewalk. The colors are vibrant and it's not thin and wispy, it's very thick and actually "chalky." My kids love it and it lasts forever.

Great entertainment for my 4 kids, ages ranging from 1-13. Love the convenient box it comes in with the handle. The colors are so vibrant and beautiful. This is always a favorite for their outside playtime.

Great chalk. Awesome, vibrant colors! Very easy to grasp and don't break easily.

My kids love this chalk. Great entertainment for my two year old.

This sidewalk chalk is great! It is much more durable then most sidewalk chalks we have used. I like how much you get for your money. Its brighter and easy to get off of clothes. Perfect for all ages! :)

I love this chalk. My 3 year old loves to color with chalk and this chalk didn't break as easily and has a much brighter, vibrant color.

My kids love playing with sidewalk chalk! It's a family favorite. They use their imagination to draw airplanes, rockets, motorcycles, etc. and pretend they are in them. The Crayola brand is great because they don't wear down as fast or break as easily.

My kiddos (3 and 5) love this chalk. Big enough for tiny hands and a large assortment of bright colors that look the same when drawn on the sidewalk the color doesn't look faded the way other chalk does.

My kids love crayola products the chalk is super fun. The first thing they ask to do when it gets warmer is to use the chalk on the driveway and make a beautiful picture.

You can never have enough of crayola sidewalk chalk. My kids and their cousins have endless of fun with their creative imaginations. From playing hop scotch, tic tac toe or making up stories as they draw the characters on the sidewalk. Once they are done it is also easy to clean just wash it off with water and it's gone.

My dd and I love drawing beautiful pictures on the sidewalk!

These are fantastic for entertaining the kiddos on a hot, summer day! Plus, they don't wear down as easily as the generic brand! Keep a tub in the garage, and keep smaller packs handy for Easter presents, etc!

My kids love chalk going to have to buy some more today now that it is getting warmer.

A must have for any child. My kids spend hours outside and one of their favorite things to do is make art on the driveway. This is the best and only sidewalk chalk you need for your kids to have hours of fun.