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  • Number1FarmGirl By  Number1FarmGirl    

    If I could give a 10 Star Rating I would! Ladies, this is a MUST HAVE product, I'm in luv, luv with this marvelous Skin Perfector. I'm in my 40's and fairskinned with freckles and uneven skin tone and let me tell you I have given up using any base/liquid make-up. Garnier has come up with a product that actually performs exactly as promised. It is lightly tinted, provides a SPF rating of 15 sunscreen, it instantly RENEWS, BRIGHTENS, EVENS, and HYRDRATES your skin. I'm totally in awe of how well my skin looked after just one application. For under $12.00 it is a STEAL for your skin care routine. I'M a BELIEVER and total CONVERT

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  • ydolemalive By  ydolemalive    

    THIS PRODUCT HAS CHANGED EVERYTHING. I had heard the miracle stories of BB Creams and had to investigate. I was nervous because I have normal to oily skin, so many moisturizers (tinited or not) tend to leave me with a face that looks like a dipped my head in a bucket of olive oil. This was not the case at all with Garnier B.B. Cream. It sits wet for a minute or so, then absorbs perfectly. Now concerning the color, I was also hesitant of only a light/medium or medium/dark option. Once again I was not disappointed. Without makeup my face paler than the characters from those Twilight movies, and I cannot get it tanned to save my life. I went for the light/medium variety and I am STILL astounded at how well it matched the skin tone of the rest of my body. I just apply it with my fingers like moisturizer and it has yet to leave any lines or orange tint. It has a subtle shimmer/glow that has made me look so much healthier, considering I am underweight and a bit malnourished from a digestive condition known as gastroparesis. I have received so many compliments all in the manner of "Wow, you must be feeling better because your color is back!" They have no idea that this it's just this one product. That's the other thing. "ONE PRODUCT". With the first couple of uses I was still trying to pair this with my normal concealers and finishing powder for those monthly hormonal trouble spots. Not anymore! I am completely convinced this is actually improving my skin overall. I am no longer finding the need to wear any other products other than mascara and some shadow, which also facilitates in letting my skin breathe and stay healthy. Speaking of healthy, the SPF is an added bonus. Garnier only provides SPF 15 at this time, but for me that's fine. My face does not tan or burn, so simple protection suits me well. I feel no need to dig dipper into my wallet for designer B.B. Creams with a high SPF when Garnier is a respectable drugstore brand that is doing just as well. I was already a loyal Garnier fan from the Nutrisee hair coloring system to their Moisture Rescue Gel Moisture. It is nice to be able to trust them with the final steps in the beatifying process.

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  • thunderkiss By  thunderkiss    

    This is awesome stuff. I'm so amazed at how smooth and radiant my skin looks when I use Garnier's Mircale Skin Perfector B.B. Cream. It's very moisturizing-which as someone with combination/dry skin, I love. It provides a good amount of coverage that looks so natural. My skin just has this glow when I use this product that I love. I just love everything about this product!

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  • sonyjean By  sonyjean    

    I got this BB cream when it first came out and boy was I so upset with the way it made my skin look and feel. First of all it had a sheen to it. I felt like a sparkly vampire and for me at my age wasn't cool. Secondly it make my skin feel sorta gross and greasy. I didn't apply too much and the coverage was average. The American BB creams have lots of improvement to be made. They are simply to me just over hyped TM. I know in the past few months more and more brands drugstore and dept. store have all been coming out with a BB cream. I don't have the time and money to try everyone of them. I have tried the original BB creams from Asia and they work like no other. I wish that some American brand would try to make one similar to the Asian ones for a better price and so that it's easier to get without the two week or more wait.

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  • snols82 By  snols82    

    I had high hopes for this cream but was left slightly disappointed. There are only 2 shades to choose from and that really isn't enough options for everyone. It is an affordable option compared to higher end creams that's for sure. The scent is light. The coverage is not heavy at all, almost too light for me. At first it feels slick and greasy but mellows out after a while. It's not the worst product I have bought but there is room for improvement.

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  • cynthiachatham By  cynthiachatham    

    I absolutely love this BB cream. I have tried others and I can say that the Garnier is by far my favorite and most affordable. I love the packaging, the scent and texture. This is a great light/medium coverage for summer. The only down side is that it only has an SPF of 15. Wish it had double the amount for the added UVA/UVB protection. It is very long lasting and I only have to touch up with the Mattifying powder from Urban Decay or Laura Geller once midday. It looks amazing on my skin and I actually purchased both colors it comes in and mix it to my right skin tone. Strongly recommend this product for summer.

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  • lauren75 By  lauren75    

    I love this stuff. It leaves a nice finish on your skin and is lightweight.

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  • mcreason16 By  mcreason16    

    I LOVE this BB. Just don't layer it with any other moisturizer - otherwise, it's too greasy. This BB preps skin for makeup, is tinted, has SPF... dream come true!!

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  • amandaellen By  amandaellen    

    love it!!! i received this as a sample in a magazine. love at first use. i went out today to get it. its almost like a primer but it has a tint of color and doesnt make the corners of my nose look dry. i really do love this.

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  • SmartyKitty By  SmartyKitty    

    B.B. Cream has a very rich silky texture, not at all chalky even though it contains mineral pigments. When first applied to my face I noticed that the cream had a very "wet" feel to it, but as I smoothed it around I began to notice it worked into the skin much like moisturizer. After a few minutes my skin no longer felt "wet" but velvety and well moisturized. I noticed that the B.B. Cream gives very sheer coverage, meaning you can see some of my acne scars and blemishes but they are less visible. This also blends my discolorations and makes my skin tone more even and consistent. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that it has a very beige base tone, and seems to do quite well for my Asian skin tone. So far I am pretty impressed with Garnier's B.B. Cream. It goes on very easily, I just smooth it into the skin in an upward motion (towards the hairline, this was suggested by an Asian makeup site) with my fingers, no need for a sponge or special brushes. I love the fact that once it's on you barely notice you're wearing any makeup, it's lighter than a number of moisturizers with SPF that I have used. Yes there are a few things that I would wish for. I wish it had a better SPF than just 15, a number of designer brand B.B Creams offer SPF's of 45. And I do wish that this came in a greater range of shades, I think the Light/Medium that I chose may be just a shade light but am concerned that the Medium/Deep might be too dark and leave me looking like Snookie. Also some people may not be thrilled about the glycerin in the product as it has been known to aggravate sensitive skin. Personally I'm O.K. with the sheer coverage as I like to look as natural as possible, but I'm sure that some people will grumble. To those folks I will say, go find a foundation. With a MSP of $12.99 for a 75 mL tube, this is a great value. I use about a nickle sized dollop to cover my face and neck each day AND the product held up great over a 12 hour shift, without smudging or wearing off in strange places. Add that to the fact that it now takes me 15 minutes to moisturize and put on a "foundation" layer before heading out the door and you have me sold.

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  • winnie11 By  winnie11    

    Absokutely love this, I don't even wear makeup anymore this stuff is awesome! Highly recommend it! Seeing is believing and the results are instant!

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  • MeghanBailey By  MeghanBailey    

    I received a sample of Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector B.B. Cream as a BzzAgent from, this stuff is AMAZING I was totally excited to test the product and couldn't wait to receive the product in the mail. Once it arrived I noticed that they had sent me the wrong color combination (I am fair skinned, and they sent medium/deep). I was a bit let down but decided to use the product anyways. I was more concerned, like other women, whether it would leave that gross greasy feeling. I was pleasantly surprised! It goes on completely smooth, the fragrance isn't too strong, and does exactly what it says! I have a TON of freckles on my face and have in the past used a LOT of concealers, foundations, etc. to cover up my "flaws". It was so nice to be able to apply something that did not leave a greasy feeling like other foundations, and that did what it was supposed to! It feels very light and clean, even better is the SPF 15 included! I decided since I LOVED the product so much, that I would go purchase the correct color combination and the results are the same. It is my new favorite product... I am a busy person and the ability to use only one product that provides the moisturizer, concealer, and SPF 15 in one bottle and one simple application... it is PERFECT! The only con I could find, and I suppose it is not really a negative when a product is this amazing, was the price. It was priced at $11.97 at Walmart. If you are looking for an amazing product... check out Garnier's Mircale Skin Perfector B.B. Cream

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  • t_spiffy By  t_spiffy    

    Got a free sample love this product!

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  • traceyk By  traceyk    

    I too received my Garnier BB Cream from BzzAgent and I am really pleased with the product! Like the other reviewers said it is a light coverage but that is one of the things I really love about this product! My skin feels so nurished and soft since I have been using the BB Cream. I do have to use a little more cream on my red spots but this is not a problem. My 14 year old daughter wanted to try this too since she saw me using it and she loves it also! Her skin tends to break out so this light "foundation"\moisturizer is great for her too. It's amazing that one product can fit the needs of a 45 year old woman and her 14 year old daughter. I would encourage women of all ages to give the Garnier BB cream a try. It also has SPF built in so you don't have to worry about the summer sun!

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  • Page55 By  Page55    

    The Garnier BB Cream feels great when you put it on. Good moisturizer and not heavy at all. However, I felt the coverage was too light for my needs - more like a tinted moisturizer. I also received my sample from BzzAgent and have enjoyed trying out the product. I also appreciate that the BB cream has SPF - so important. The BB Cream does blend well. This cream won't replace my foundation but will be nice on sunny days when I am outside a lot and not looking to wear much makeup.

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