Silk  Pure Almond Unsweetened

Silk Pure Almond Unsweetened

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The only thing I use silk for is mixed in something, like a smoothie. I just can't get used to the thin texture. The v actual taste isn't horrific, but if rather not drink it plain. It has great benefits tho.

My husband recently bought the chocolate variety. He liked it. I thought it was way too chocolatey. The thinner consistency of almond milk takes some getting used to. This product is okay occasionally but I wouldn't ') substitute it consistently for regular milk.

This stuff CHANGED MY LIFE!! All of these years I've wasted drinking regular milk!! Until one day when I went to my parents house and while I was there I decided on delighting my taste buds with a bowl of cereal. I poured my bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats (with almonds). I made my way to the fridge to grab some milk, but no!! To my devastation there was no milk!!! It was the worse case scenario, poured the cereal, but the milk is gone. Until I glanced upon Almond Milk. I was confused! You can't milk and almond like you can a cow! That is just ridiculous!! The container said that it had as much or more calcium than milk, so I assumed it was safe to put on my cereal, desperate for a solution I poured that almond milk all over my cereal!! Now came the moment of truth, I put that spoon up to my lips and with little faith I took a bite. OH......What?!! Where has this been all my life!! It's as if the almond milk added significant flavor to my cereal! The Sun was brighter the skies were clearer, my eyes had been opened!! This was the best bowl of cereal I had ever tasted in my life!! And that is how it changed my life.

Silk almond milk has a pleasant flavor and aroma; however, I could not get past the texture being so thick. I felt like I was drinking eggnog and my cereal felt "slimy" when using this product. This, along with them being higher-priced than other almond milks, makes this product a no-go for me.

i love Silk Almond Milk it taste great. i love to stock up on it at home for my children. they love it

I use it everyday for my morning shakes, I really enjoy it

I started using this product to cut a little dairy out of my diet. I like the taste, but it is a little heavy and it is a terrible mixer. Powdered products such as protein, hot chocolate.... just will not mix into this stuff. Overall I like the product, but if I find something that makes my diet a little easier I will stop using this product.

Silk Almond Milk has a wonderful, light flavor that works perfectly in cereal, coffee/tea, or just to drink.

I really like this milk. My daughter couldn't handle cows milk so I switched her over to this silk milk and she loved it just the same. I now use it in my smoothies.

I do not care for milk but love Almond milk! I love the taste it adds to my smoothies.

I have switched my family over to Almond Milk and we love this one offered by Silk. Once off of regular milk it took a while for my 3 children to embrace this new option but they are fully on board now. This milk is much gentler on our stomachs and we use it for everything from cooking to drinking.

This is my favorite! I have grown to prefer this to any dairy or soy milk. It tastes great on cereal and awesome for smoothies or shakes. Even though it is unsweetened it still has a lot of flavor. So much easier on my stomach and I love how much healthier it is for you!

This stuff is really good! I like to use it in cereals that have a lot of flavor because I'm not used to the taste but it's better for you then drinking cows milk and the chocolate milk is great too!

I have found that Silk Almond Unsweetened milk is great for baking but I only enjoy drinking the sweetened chocolate variety.

Does not replace real milk. I would not drink it again.