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  • dbvernon dbvernon

    I love this razor. It is easy to manipulate over my legs without cutting myself and with the Olay moisture bar, your legs stay real smooth. After my shower my legs always felt really smooth and I loveed that. This is a convenient and easy razor to use. I had no problems at all and would definitely recommend this razor. I will be buying another one soon. The razors are a bit pricey but sometimes you can find a good coupon for them, which helps a lot.

  • RozeReviews RozeReviews

    I hate giving bad reviews, but Gillette and it's Venus Olay Blades left me no choice. There is just no way of getting past the amount of slime that is coated on the leg. Not oh too much of a good thing. It was the stringy slime, and it got everywhere. In hopes to find some redeeming point, I focused on a different aspect. 5 blades should be easy to pile on the good points. There were two setbacks to enjoying the smooth super close shave five blades should get. The pads of lotion were too large to let the blades get to my skin, and the slime of the lotion made it hard to the blades to latch on the hair to cut.

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  • KatieHopkins By  KatieHopkins    

    One of my FAVS!

    First of all, I love the 5 blades. I have very dark and course hair so I need a minimum of 4 blades on any razor to keep from having to shave the same area multiple times. The lotion bars are kind of slimy but I actually liked it. It left my skin silky and soft. The handle grip is also a huge plus for me. I hate not being able to have a good grip on a razor and dropping it in the shower. Over all I am very impressed and will continue to use and purchase this razor!


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