Dryel 30min In-Dryer Cleaner

Dryel 30min In-Dryer Cleaner

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I have been waiting to try this till we got our new windows in the house so I could wash curtains. Living room curtains are dry clean only and COVERED in cat hair. I didn't think this was going to work really well but was worth a shot. The sweeper took off some of the hair but there were steal streaks of grey hair everywhere. Sprayed them & stuffed 4 in the bag. After 30 minutes in the dryer I have NO IDEA where my cat hair went but its not clinging to the curtains any more! And they look good as new!!! I will be buying this and washing curtains more often!!!!!!

I liked using the dryel as I was able to add more than one item to the bag and when the dry cleaning was done the items were as bright as when I placed them in the bag and the dryer. Nice and bright with no fading and no chance of the dry cleaner getting anything on my new items and I didnt have to leave the house to run that errand and didnt have to go pick them up either..so easy and convenient and time and money saving and easy on my garments too with no fading or pilling or shrinking!

I loved using this product on my High school son's suit. Though not visibly soiled, I am sure the garment was sweated thru after a dance at the school. dryel fixed it up nicely and made it smell like new. - Even taking out the cologne smell that my son probably bathed in before the big event.

I have a new sweater that needed cleaning but had delicate lace in several areas. I used the Dryel and it came out so fresh and clean. The sweater looked fresh and smelled nice and I was so glad not to have to take it out to be cleaned. Dryel saved me time and money and this busy mom really appreciates that!

This was the best and easiest way to get my wool and dry clean (only) clothing fresh and clean.

I tried this on a blouse and a couple of sweaters recently and thought it worked well. The items were not heavily soiled, but I wanted to "clean" them before putting them away for summer. Next I will try this with my son's suit dress pants.

Very easy to use and my clothes looked great. Works just as well as the dry cleaners and the clothes smelled great too. Also great to have on hand for those - last minute too late to get to cleaner - times.

This may seem to clean your clothes but they do not come out smelling as if they were laundered

I have to admit, I had to search for something that was dry clean, but found a shirt that I had tucked away probably because it was dry clean only. Since it hasn't been worn, it smelled very "off" and I was happy to try the Dryel out on it as my kids are finally getting old enough to wear some items around! 30 minutes, pretty good job, faster than I can refresh myself, but I'd had given it 10 stars if I could have tried it out on my comforter! I will certainly keep some of this around for the moments described in some of the other posts; it's nice to have on hand for those last minute needs!

I received the free sample of Dryel a few weeks ago but didn't have occasion to use it till just today. I used to to clean a delicate dry-clean only shirt with lace, a dry-clean only raincoat (I know, right?!) and a dry-clean only trenchcoat. The delicate top didn't have any stains or spots but after a few wears needed "refreshing". Both coats had spots and staining on them. I followed the instructions to spray any soiled areas. I placed all the items in the bag with the cleaning sheet and set the dryer on medium for 30 minutes as instructed. When the time was finished, I opened the dryer to find the lace shirt has escaped the bag as had the cleaning sheet. The zipper to the bag had opened a few inches allowing a couple items to fall out. Unfortunately, that meant the two coats didn't get cleaned because the cleaning sheet has escaped. I used my second cleaning sheet and treated the two coats again, as spots were still visible. I placed them back in the bag, made sure the zipper was very tightly closed, and set it for another cycle. This time, more of the spots and stains came out of the two coats. There are still some leftover stains but I don't expect the product to be perfect. In the future, I would use Dryel for last minute dry cleaning needs (such as a last minute event or if I didn't realize the clothes I planned on wearing that night had a stain or spot and there wasn't time to visit a dry cleaner).

I was a little skeptical of how well this product would work but could not wait to give it a chance! After spending about an hour getting everyones clothes ready for an engagement party that we had the next day I asked my husband to please get his suit out so I could check it out. When he took it out it looked crumpled and wasn't looking so fresh after sitting for quite awhile. I figured there was no better time to test out the Dryel, and boy was I impressed! The suit came out looking crisp and smelling clean. Thank you Dryel you are going to be a not so secret weapon in the laundry room all while saving me some money that I'd normally have to shell out to the dry cleaners!

My son is a sales associate for Honda, and always has to dress up. I used it on a couple on his jackets a Burberry and Ralph Lauren, to be exact. I'm telling you I'm really impressed with the outcome. The cleaning booster spray was odorless and I sprayed in areas that needed it most like underarm areas and the collar and sleeves. Threw them in the bag as directed with the cleaning cloth and dried for the 30 minutes. Voila! Clean and great smelling laundered, Dry Clean Only garments, straight from home! My son was equally impressed that he saved a trip to the cleaners, yet again. A great addition to our dry clean only clothes. Saving money and time....you're welcome, son! :)

Works just as well as professional dry cleaning, just wish that it could press my clothes as well. j/k Works well with delicates and sweaters. Smells fresh as well, which is something I appreciate and do not get from professional dry cleaning. It is obviously super convenient. 30 minutes and done.

Last week I had a graduation to go to,I realized a little late I didn't have anything to fit me. I have a 8 week old at home and am in between sizes in clothes.Then I remembered I had some clothes packed up that might fit. When i pulled out the blouse and slacks I thought,Oh no, the clothes are wrinkled,have a stale smell to them and say dry clean only. Then I remembered I had a box of Dryel waiting for me to try! Yay! I am so thankful I had this product and on hand the clothes smelled wonderful, and the wrinkles were gone good as new! Thank you for the save,Dryel!

I was extremely impressed with the dryel cleaner. My daughter wore a white dress for a formal dance & got a little punch on it. I rinsed it immediately & cleaned it the next day. I couldn't believe how well it came out. I will definetly be using this for future cleanings & also be recommending to friends.