Oreo Birthday Cake Oreos

Oreo Birthday Cake Oreos

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I found these limited time only Birthday Cake Oreos at one of our local grocery stores and my friends and I thought they were yummy! If you like make at home 'boxed cakes with container frosting', you will like these cookies.

On the positive side, the Oreo Birthday Cake is convenient and cost less than ice cream cakes from Dairy Queen. I wasn't crazy about the taste, a little artificial flavor after taste. For a quick easy birthday treat, I say go for it. If your looking for decadent ... you may want to try something else.

OMG these are DELICIOUS!! I found these by chance at Target, this is a limited time only product celebrating Oreo's 100th Birthday. I love regular Oreo's but these are even better. The cream inside is made to taste like birthday cake and has tiny colored sprinkles in it. Definitely something you need to try before they're gone!! I'm stocking up now! LOL