Dr. Seuss Green Eggs & Ham

Dr. Seuss Green Eggs & Ham

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Dr. Seuss will undoubtedly always be a childhood favorite. Green Eggs and Ham is a great book for beginning readers because it has a repetitive pattern that helps children with word recognition as well as with recognizing rhyming words. The lesson within the book, trying new things, is also very important for children.

I've heard this book was written because his editor challenged him to write a book with under a hundred words. Wow. Seuss is one of the few authors who could have done that. Simply brilliant and wonderful book for kids.

Warning , this will be read over and over.

My absolute favorite dr Suess book. If you have not read it you need to do so!

Any of the Dr Seuss books are great.. Green eggs and ham is a story with repetition, which is great for beginning readers

I have had lot of fun reading this book to my kids, this book is a must have when you are collecting book for your kids.

We read this book in kindergarden and then actually made green eggs and ham!!! a wonderful childhood memory that i have past on to my children. After i read them this book we made green eggs and ham.

This book is great book to read to children. I have went to a baby shower couple months ago was given to my girlfriend to read to her daughter. It was read to me many time as a little kid. Bring back good memories.

This is my FAVORITE book. I know it word for word, by heart. My daddy used to read it to me at night. He also knows it word for word. My mom bought me the entire collection as a little girl.

Classic! Love this book and so do my children.

such a classic love this book ! green eggs & ham day yum!

I read this book to my son 19months daily every night and out of all the books he have he seems to grab this one all the time. I do love dr seuss books

Love this book!!! Perfect for little ones!

I love this book. I have read this book to all of my children. After reading the book, we would prepare green eggs and ham.

Classic book. This will be great for generations to come