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  • SultryGamer By  SultryGamer    

    Really good doughnuts, I love the raspberry filled ones, and the cream filled with chocolate icing on top. I am ashamed to say that they do not last very long around me lol

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  • Bayou715 By  Bayou715    

    When the red light is on, you'll want to be in line for a freshly glazed Krispy Kreme but more than one is usually too much due to them being so super-sweet. I've found other doughnut shops and franchises have better variety and flavor profiles.

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  • toya062000 By  toya062000    

    I love Krispy Kreme Donuts they are best!!!!

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  • Gghardin By  Gghardin    

    So delicious, I just don't get to eat one that often since we don't have any in Decatur, Alabama

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    tasty but not my favorite.

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  • Lv2Read By  Lv2Read    

    These are so yummy! The only problem is trying not to eat too many at once. Why can't donuts be good for you? :)

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  • Meganelewin By  Meganelewin    

    Delicious but should only be eaten on occasion! Very bad for you!

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  • jam_i209 By  jam_i209    

    Yummy! It's hard to always get these donuts when they're freshly made, so I like to pop them in the microwave for a few seconds & enjoy them.

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  • BostonSox By  BostonSox    

    Amazingly good, particularly when they are hot off the line. Fortunately, I'm not tempted to eat them since all the Krispy Kreme's in Boston closed. But, when I go South, I get one!

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  • ValiaMaria By  ValiaMaria    

    I love these donuts! They taste better than any other brand. The only thing i dislike about them is that they have calories. But that I cant change!

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  • jackster By  jackster    


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  • lovebutterflyangel By  lovebutterflyangel    

    All the different varieties. Yes they're more expensive but pop one in the microwave and try it. You won't go back to your other donuts

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  • AshleyG By  AshleyG    

    Love this place! Best donuts ever, for a good price.

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  • Verudiaz By  Verudiaz    

    Love Droughts... Who doesn't! I wish I can eat it all day long without the worry of the sugar.

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  • trippingtiffies By  trippingtiffies    

    I wish I could eat these all the time and not get fat. SO SO GOOD.

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