Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub

Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub

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I have only used this product once, but this was the first time I washed my face and didn't get that dry feeling afterward making me think about putting on moisturizer. My face feel marvelous without the added products to my face...pure beauty.

I really like this face wash. I have oily skin and this product helps with that but doesn't over dry my face.

I was pleasantly surprised with the Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub. It feels SO wonderful on my face - it feels gentle and smooth yet with a light "scrubbing" that leaves my skin feeling thoroughly cleansed, not only on the surface, but a nice, deep clean!! After my face is rinsed and dried, my skin feels lightly moisturized and SO smooth!! My only complaint is the current chemical-type scent - it needs a little something "pleasant" to give the experience a full effect - a nice, light fragrance.

I was so happy when this product was released not that long ago. I have an allergy to Lauryl Sulfate (which makes soaps lather), and cannot use any of the regular skin cleansing products and have to use all soaps. This is the best facial scrub I've used, my skin feels so smooth and clean after I use it, it even looks brighter, and it doesn't hurt my hands like regular soap.

I received a full size sample of this a while back. I love that it was full size because in order to really tell how it was working I needed to use it a few times. After using it for a number of weeks I can really tell that my skin feels smoother and softer. I can't wait to try the face wash. I really love that the ingredients are truly simple. This is important to me because I am currently pregnant and am trying to avoid any excessive chemicals. My sister-in-law loves this also because of her super sensitive skin. I am totally sold on this product line. Thanks so much for letting me try it out!

I can really tell when I have not used this on my face. It is wonderful at clearing the dry skin and making my face glow!

I tried the new Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub as soon i got from shespeaks and simply loved it. It is simple as its name. Gentle on skin, it is a scrub but still it is so gentle on skin. Makes the skin feels so soft and smells great.Everytime I use this scrub the face feels more cleaner. Thanks

My daughter and I both tried this product and loved it. The feeling while washing was great and we both were pleased with the results days later. I think it has actually cleared up my daughters skin some and us cleaning together has hopfully started a clean skin habit she will keep!

I really wanted to like this product, in fact I loved the feel as I was using it. But it caused me to break-out within a a few days. I continued to use it in case my skin was just getting used to it, but the acne just got worse. I'm not sure why I thought this would be a natural product, perhaps the packaging is misleading? It has all the same chemicals as the other name brands.

Awful stuff, tired of product companies claiming how "good" their products are when they have stuff like parabens, pthalates, petrochemicals, etc. Nothing "natural" or "clean" about the products in my opinion, which is based on the research of the ingredients. I appreciate the opportunity to have found this out when I got it.

Im so thrilled to have been chosen for this product! I saw the Simple at my local CVS and Walmart. I plan to buy more of these products because it doing wonders for my skin!

Love these products! I am gradually trying the whole line. Just received a sample from Target so next on the list is the facial wipes.

I love how gentle this scrub feels on my face. A lot of times I find the scrubs to be too rough. This scrub has a great scent which is not too over the top. I also love how "simple" it really is. I would absolutely recommend to a friend and keep purchasing this for myself.

I got sample of this product from CVS and it worked liked wonders ... My skin type is Dry and still it worked really good on my skin feels good and smooth after using it

i used this after i tried the facial cleanser since i needed a scrub that wont irritate my skin and recently i got white and black heads. my friends told me to use a facial scrub and i decided to use tis. my face now is much more clearer after 2 wks of usage thank you