Simple Hydrating Light Moisturizer

Simple Hydrating Light Moisturizer

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For someone who doesnt have overly dry skin im sure this would be nice. For me, my skin laughs at this all you got??? Thats what my face says to me! LOL I need to use a HEAVY cream or oil....So this just didn't cut it for me.

This is a very nice product. Lightweight and doesn't leave a greasy heavy feeling on your face after use. No heavy scent to Simple. The only downfall is that my skin is prone to breakouts and I noticed a couple breakouts after using this product.

Good for oily skin. Light weight and not greasy. Didn't make my face break-out.

I like the simple moisturizer it do not make my face feel greasy. I like how my face very soft after applying it.

I liked that there was no scent. But I usually use a heavier mositurizer, so was a little disapointed with the weight. But for someone with younger skin, this moisturizer would be perfect. I have been using it on my hands and arms though!

I like this very light moisturizer. I like the texture and feel on my skin. It smoothes evenly on my face, leaving no greasy residue. Absorbs very quickly. It leaves my skin soft and happy. Keeps it moisturized throughout the day. Like it a lot!

I do like it after using a few times. It doesn't leave my skin greasy or oily at all.

It went on well and my skin felt good, but I prefer a moisturizer with an spf. I'm outside all the time in summer and really need something to protect my face. It would work for nighttime, but I prefer something a little heavier for overnight.

I really like the Simple Hydrating light moisturizer.It goes on nice and disappears quickly.It takes away that dry feeling and lasts 12 hours. t works well and at a great price.

it is a great light moisturizer- BUT i need one with spf- have had cases of skin cancer recently.

I love this light moisturizer too and how it absorbs so quickly and is NOT perfumey. I was surprised how long the moisturizing effects last considering it is a light moisturizer. But it will be FANTASTIC for the summer months here in the South. I wish it has spf in it. That is the only flaw, but the product is great otherwise. Smooth to apply, sinks in super quick, does not leave a shine on the face at all, but the hydrating process stays very well and long for me. works super under makeup here in a hot humid state. I will buy this in the future.

Wasn't what I was expecting. It is indeed light and sinks right in but I find it doesn't last throughout the day well. Had to reapply more often than I would like. It does do well in the high humidity here in Florida but doesn't contain SPF so that's an added product. It is perfect to use after swimming or sunning when your skin feels tight from too much sun. Has it's plus sides but overall, not a product I would keep on hand year round.

I received this as a sample and now I love this moisturizer. It says light but I get a lot of moisture from it. With most light moisturizers my skin stays dry but not with this one. It also does not feel oily/greasy. It soaks in quickly and feels so smooth to apply. Like many others suggest, the downside is that it does not have SPF.

I absolutely love this moisturizer! I have combination skin and a big problem with adult acne. Everything I have used in the past has made my acne worse..until this! It is perfect for sensitive or acne prone skin and does not cause the usual flare-ups or cystic acne that many moisturizes cause. I love that it is so light and it made my skin so smooth and flawless looking. It is also great for anyone with oily skin or those living in a very humid climate (like me). This is now a staple for me. Can't wait to try all of the other products as well.

when applying this to my face, I liked the feel so well, I applied it to my arms, hands and legs. it is very light, yet it feels like it soaks into the skin well. No greasy or heavy feeling. Perfect for summer moisturizing.