Oreo Sandwich Cookies

Oreo Sandwich Cookies

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Oreos! .....and popcorn and white chocolate Oreos, always oreos! We love them in this house. Great with a tall glass of milk. We learned a trick around here, put a fork into the cream of the Oreo and dunk it in the milk mess free. The trick is knowing how long to dunk (too long mushy) and the milk must be ice cold.....DELICIOUS! A recent recipe that we tried involved Oreos, popcorn and white chocolate. It was a big hit!

Milk's favorite cookie Oreos are called milk's favorite cookie for a reason - they go hand in hand! There's nothing better than a handful of fresh Oreo cookies and a tall, cold glass of milk. Whether you dunk them, twist apart, or just dig in, that classic chocolate cookie with cream filling just can't be beat! A delicious, satisfying snack any time day or night!

Best store bought Oreos are the one store bought cookie that I love! I haven't been able to duplicate these at home. Nothing like dunking them in milk or eating them plain.

My childhood favorite These were my all-time favorite cookie as a kid. My grandma made sure to have them every time I visited her!

No Comparison I love love love Oreo cookies and have since as long as I can remember. Oreos are the original sandwich cookie and it doesn't matter how far another company might try there is no comparison. Oreos stay in my cookie jar seven days a week 365 days a year.

Good But 2 Sweet These are good, but I gave 3 stars because the creamy filling is just too sweet. As I age, I find myself removing most of the filling.

Perfection! I love Oreos! There my go to treat. Plus, bonus no guilty feeling cuz their vegan!!! Yay!

Oreos!! Oreos have always been my go to no matter what occasion. Chocolate and cream--there really isn't a better combination. These cookies always bring me back to my childhood by having a big glass of milk and like, 10 cookies to dunk in the milk. :)

Love oreos especiallywhen they had most stuff one,the more cream the better

Great quality cookie with just enough filling and cookie,great taste and is a family favorite in my house. Stays together does not fall apart while eating.I would recommend these to anyone full of flavor and they have a great taste.

Classic Oreo Sandwich Cookies These cookies are great to snack on. I love to keep some on hand for when I want a little pick me up.

Oreo cookies are the best cookies and my favorite to have with milk

The best The best...period! Chocolate cookie & goes with everything!

What's not to love about Oreo My all time favorite, they are also so good for baking or as an ice cream topping

Perfection. I love oreo. They have been my all time favorite cookie since childhood. Instant nostalgia, and gratification in one bite. Fresh and satisfying crispiness. I love the perfect combination of stuffing and cookie. Sure I love chocolate chip cookies, but an oreo cookie will always have my heart. I also love that oreos are 'accidentally vegan' No guilt in indulging. Perfection really!!