ABC Once Upon a Time

ABC Once Upon a Time

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90% Recommended
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This is such a great series. What a great idea! I absolutely love the storyline, the characters, their histories, and everything else in between. I started watching this on Netflix and watched an episode every sign glue time I got the chance. Usually multiple a day. Now that the second season is on I am driven crazy to wait an entire week for the next one. Whoever thought of this series is a genius!

THis is the best show ever! Its fairy tales with a twist and every episode gets better and better. For the inner disney child in all of us!

One of my favorites I love fairy tales and this show has included so many with a twist in all and the love story.

It is a much watch on Sundays, although it is kind of hard to catch up on if you have not been watching from the beginning

I love this story. It mixes fairy tales with modern life. It has magic and mystery.

I was really into this show when it first came out, but as soon as they remembered their fairytale characters, I stopped watching.

One of my favorite shows right now! Season one was awesome and season two is good. It could be better, but it will do. I like how they explain each characters' origin, very creative. if you like Grimm, you'll love this show!

First season was great, second season is ok..

Finally a family friendly show that an adult can enjoy with thier children. thumbs up!

I enjoy the show - mostly I enjoy that the lewd language and sex is removed from prime time tv. Its entertaining without it! See it can be done!

This is my favorite TV show. If you like fairytale stuff, this is your wet dream of a TV show!!! I'm obsessed with Grimm Brother's stories, and anything associated with them (i.e. The 10th Kingdom). So if your into that, this is right up your alley!

this is one of my favorite shows! I am a complete fairy tale/princess addict. i really feel like they do a wonderful job taking the viewer deeper into the story and keeping the viewer on the edge of their seat waiting too see what will happen next.

Takes me back to when I was a little girl. I love love love this show!

Enchanting. Need i say more? Its just beautiful.

Love this show! It's a nice refreshing change from all the other series out there. Something the whole family can watch together.