Bic for Her Retractable Gel Pens

Bic for Her Retractable Gel Pens

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I love these pens that also came in my Dec Cravebox. They are very comfortable to use. The grip is nice and they fit well in my small hand. Very pretty too. Definitely a woman's pen.

Nice pens and they write well, but I don't get why it has to be Bic for Her. I think the pretty designs are enough and unnecessary to market them to women by adding the "just for her" notion. I received mine in the December cravebox otherwise I would not have bought them on my own because of that.

A little to wet for too long when you write. Smeared but handles nice

I loved the gel pens...very cute and loved to hold them and write with them!

Lovely pens and they write very smoothly. My husband can't touch them, they're just for girls. :)

These are great pens! I like the comfy grip and they glide right over the paper.

Very nice pens and perfect cravebox item! Write smoothly. One of my favorite new gel pens!

I absolutely love these pens! They are so smooth to write with and don'ts smudge with my left hand. I would definitely buy them when these get used up. They have a very cool design, too!

I normally dont use gel pens but these were a nice surprise to receive in m cravebox. They are nice to have on hand when I need to mail out something special.

Love these and don't normally like gel pens. Worked great for addressing all of my christmas gifts. Plus they are pretty so my man won't be tempted to swipe them and take them to work... Thanks Cravebox!

Great pens! I don't think I would have bought them for myself, but since they came in the December cravebox, I gave them a try. I love them!!! I wrote out my Christmas cards with them and my hands didn't hurt and the cards looked great!

I agree the pink and purple pens are great. The black pens don't write well at all.

Love the feel of these pens, they fit so nicely in my hand. They also flow smoothly while sriting.

These pens are beautiful, but the black pens did not write as well as the pink and purple. I love the pink and purple pens because they are beautiful and they write so smoothly. The black pens have some drag on the paper, though. They don't flow as smoothly across it and one can notice a scratchy feeling as if the pen is dragging across the paper. I like a smooth feel to my pens where there is no scratching.

I love these and have hidden them so my kids don't take them. lol I think they work great! I do like having the fine tip.