Elf Movie

Elf Movie

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Elf is one of my favorite Christmas movies as it is great for the whole family and keeps everyone entertained and laughing. Will Ferral does a great job and makes a very believable character.

My new favorite Xmas time movie! I watch this movie every Xmas eve while I'm up preparing everything for Xmas morning. Nothing else can make me laugh at 4 in the morning like this movie!! 'SYRUP IN COFFEE, WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT"

our favorite christmas movie! we laugh everytime we watch it ;-)

One of our families favorite movies!! We find ourselves quoting this movie quite often and it is always followed by lots of laughs!!

Family friendly favorite! A wonderful addition to the Christmas classics! Will Ferrell is innocent and fantastic!

Favorite movie of all time! Regardless of how many times I've seen this it still makes me laugh. Will Ferrell and Faison Love make an awesome combo!!

Love this movie no matter how many times I see it! Will Ferrell is charming as a naive elf who makes his way to the big city to find his Dad. Especially fun are the department store scenes of our friend Buddy the Elf finding out Santa will be coming and the equally amazing responses of his supervisor. The script is well constructed and the only part that dragged were the scenes of Santa coming to NYC and getting stuck in Central Park, but I suppose it would be appropriate for younger kids who watch the film. I highly recommend this amusing movie.

a true christmas classic, this movie keeps u laughing from beginning to end

Absolutely hysterical! And cute, too!

Great movie for kids!

This movie is sooooo funny, I love to watch it any time of the year.

Awsome Family Night movie Can even watch in May July Sept...Dosnt have to be a holiday movie in our home... Funny Fun and actually might put it in now!!!

My favorite XMAS movie ever!

I am usually not a Will Ferrell fan, but in this movie I think he did a great job. I look forward to watching it every Christmas, and watch it several times.

I really liked this movie, its a movie the whole family watches every year. A real classic,