Philips  Wake-up Light

Philips Wake-up Light

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Let me start by saying that it took me over a week to get used to the light and I love it now! The first week (plus) that I had the light I was convinced that it was going to come on and the anticipation woke me up out of a sound sleep. But since I have gotten used to it I can not believe how relaxed I am when I wake up.

I do still love the concept of this light/alarm, but have yet to tailor it specifically to me. I am a very light sleeper so it almost immediately wakes me up as soon as the light starts shining. I tried turning the light down so now I have it around 6 or so, but it still wakes me up too early (and I really prefer every last minute of sleep before I have to get up for the day). Then I tried to set the alarm time later so that when the light started shining, it would wake me at my normal time, but then I missed out on the actual alarm part (I like the birds and also the radio) because I needed to get up shortly after the light shone since that was actually my normal time to get up. I really love the light and I do think it's a great idea. I just wish there were maybe a couple more options for tailoring it. I think it would be nice if there was an option to reduce the time for the light to get brighter. Ten minutes prior to the alarm would be perfect for me. Then I could still enjoy the full scale of of increasing brightness. Since it currently wakes me up about 30 minutes prior to when I need to get up, I don't get the full benefit of the light. Either I can lay awake in bed and wait the 30 minutes for the brightness to increase to my alarm time or I just go ahead and get up early, which adds a bit more time to my already long days. Also I find that even though I wake up at the lower light setting, it doesn't feel as refreshing as when I woke to it on the brighter setting. I'll keep working at it though to see if I can find my personal happy medium because I really do feel like this could be a great product.

I love the Philips Wake-up Light! I am amazed at how i wake up now before the alarm goes off. It was weird at first i would slowly start to wake up in a comfy way. I am so not a morning person i admit to being a night owl. Anyhow I would in bed wondering why I was awake and then i would notice the Philips Wake-up Light slowing getting brighter and brighter! It is a pleasure to wake up like this and not from the blaring of a beep beep beep jaring me out of slumber. I can lay in bed and relax for a few minutes before the birds get to loud for me. It is a great way to just wake up and not be startled. It is a soothing way to wake up although that sounds counter productive it really does work. If I am asleep and I get jarred awake I am not very nice but with the Philips Wake-up Light with its light slowly getting brighter and brighter I wake up happy and ready to start the day. I keep telling my friends about the Philips Wake-up Light an how great it is for me.

I've recommended and I am still going to, to everyone I know and meet about the Phillips Wake-Up light. I work very weird and early/late hours at a gym and wellness center so my sleep cycles are always crazy! The light arrived to me on the night before I had to wake up at 4am for a shift, and near the time when our clocks have changed for the bright mornings, I was finding it hard to wake up or sleep properly. The first night I used the light, I NATURALLY (Not cursing and yelling at my alarm, waking up stressed, and then cranky all day) woke up, smiled at the light and saw I'd woken up a few minutes before I was meant to. Perfect! I was even calm, and not frustrated that morning. I even had compliments from some members at the club saying I was extra pleasant, and I even drank LESS coffee! The Phillips Wake-Up Light is pretty amazing, even as a radio, and a natural source of light next to your bed, it alone is great, add waking you up calmly and on time, you've got an answer to all sleep problems!

I have medical issues that make sleep hard, By using the light it looks like it is helping. I look forward to more days using the sleep light and getting better sleep.

I have a hard time waking up I guess I am just not a morning person. It takes a good hour for me to be really awake and alert. Now with the Philips Wake up Light I feel I am awake quicker and have a clear head not that groggy feeling. I think the slow way the light becomes brighter like the rising sun really does help you to slowly come fully awake. The light is also super easy to set up and I really liked that.

I received the Philips Wake Up Light, and after discussing it with my husband, we decided to try it out on our son. It has been a great wake up option for him, who normally rises grumpy! Having the gradual light has been wonderful, slowly waking him up and allowing him the time he needs to rest and relax before starting the day.

Overall, I really like the way the Philips Wake Up Light wakes me up in the morning. There was definitely an adjustment period, though. At first, I snapped awake at about the time the light reached its full intensity (a somewhat jarring way to be awoken) and well before the alarm went off. Then, I somewhat adjusted to the light coming on and slept right up to the point when the alarm went off. Now, I pretty much wake up when the light is starting to come on, and almost never wait for the alarm to go off before getting up. Now that I'm used to it, the wake up light is a pretty nice way to wake up in the morning. Even though I rarely am in bed when it goes off, the alarm sound is pleasant, a little "calypso-y" sounding. Two things I would change, though. I would not tie the alarm light's intensity to the last setting used when the light was turned on. I also would not tie the alarm volume to the radio volume. I would like to be able to set both independently. I have the radio volume at a level that's between reasonable and too loud, but the alarm is super soft when it goes off. I dislike having to remember to crank the radio volume way up before setting the alarm.

The best way I can think to describe this light is "pleasing." There's something relaxing and comforting about it. I find myself waking up easily before the alarm. I like using this as a lamp too. I'm thinking about buying this for my mother who finds herself having low energy in the winter. I'm not crazy about the design of this thing aside from the light it provides: it's kind of ugly and the toggle is odd. It is easy to use, just not very decorative. I would love to have a battery backup for my alarm, which this doesn't have.

I LOVE IT! What a gentle and soothing way to wake up in the morning. It may have taken me a few tries to get all the settings right but once I got it down I couldn't be happier. It feels as though your waking yourself up instead of being woke up by an annoying alarm clock. I'm telling everybody I know about this wonderful product.

I live in the Pacific Northwest, and sunlight is rare during the winter months. I have an online class which begins at 6:00 I get up in complete darkness I was a bit skeptical about the Phillips Wake Up Light and whether it would be beneficial. After using it for a month both my husband and I wake up much more relaxed and rested. On the days that it did not awaken us due to power outages we were definitely out of sorts for the entire morning. The subtle tweeting of birds and gradually increasing light is a much nicer way to wake up.

I am definitely not a morning person, so ever since I heard of the Wake-Up Light, I definitely wanted to give it a try. And now that I have, I wouldn't want to go back to not having it! It's definitely effective at bringing you out of that deep sleep more gradually so you feel more refreshed than the harsher wake-up by a standard alarm. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has trouble waking up, and staying awake, like I do.

I really like the Philips Wake-Up Light. My husband has never been good with alarms. He's one of those people that practically jumps out of their skin when the alarm goes off in the morning. The Philips Wake-Up Light is a soothing natural way to wake up. It's particularly nice for us because we live in Seattle and the sun doesn't rise this time of year until almost 8:00am. The Wake-Up Light mimics the natural light we are missing. My only qualm is that is resides on my husband's bedside table and I don't get the full effect of the light on the other side of the bed. Otherwise, we couldn't recommend it more highly.

This seems to be a great innovation in not only light therapy, but also alarm clocks. It is easly to set up and use right out of the box. I have never liked using an alarm clock, it seems to put me in a bad mood for the majority of the day, and I dont have that with the Philips Wake-up Light. The soft sounds are a great addition to the "wake-up" experience. I am thinking about purchasing a few for my family. Great product!!!

This light is great! It wakes you up so slowly and gently that you feel like you woke up on your own. Now I am in a better mood when I get up because I haven't been jolted awake by an annoying alarm clock!!!