Olay  Body Wash Plus Creme Ribbons

Olay Body Wash Plus Creme Ribbons

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I didn't think I would like this at first to be honest, but I thought I'd give it a try since olay products are usually pretty great. My major concern was the scent, but it actually smells so light and so wonderful that I don't mind it at all and I actually enjoy washing a bit more because of this lovely scent. It's moisturizing and it's very creamy. My skin always feels soft when using this.

very creamy, left me clean but not dried out, almost like I'd put lotion on in the shower. I liked it and it smelled great.

this body wash smells so good and leaves my skin feeling silky soft

Love Olay. Keeps my skin feeling refresh and smooth.

Love the smell...makes taking a shower in the morning a pleasure

This product is a regular buy for me. I love it. It keeps my skin from getting to dry, I love hot showers because of pain so I need something that will keep my skin moist. Love it!

Wonderful wash will be buying again!!!

when i first starting using this i always felt like i wasnt washing it off and it left a slippery film behind but then i realized my skin wasn't dry and dull anymore it was hydrated i love the smell its pretty pricey so i only get it during the holidays when they have the gift sets or when there are coupons but it is a favorite around our house even my boyfriend likes it secretly tho because its not manly :)

This body wash leaves my dry skin feeling very moisturized.

I really like the Olay Moisture Ribbons body washes. So creamy and so yummy smelling! And, a little goes a long way since it doesn't drip out of the bottle like runny body washes. I would recommend any of the scents in this line!

Got this product in a gift set for b-day. I loved the smell & how it made my skin so soft.

This body wash leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth!

wowww this is so creamy you just want to eat it.. but dont do that lol. i think this is really goood :D

Leaves my skin softer than most other body washes. I will agree that it's a pain to get off the tub. I just make sure its all rinsed off the tub before I get out. Smells great too!

Wors great. Was a bit pricey-er than I liked but there are coupons out there. I liked the feel and smell of it.