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  • Liliana6 By  Liliana6    

    This mascara is good it is very inexpensive and it works great on my eyelashes.

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  • lval3333 By  lval3333    

    i like how dark it makes my white eylashes

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  • freebies4me85 By  freebies4me85    

    This is my favorite mascara, its simple and it never leaves my lashes looking all clumpy like other mascara's I've tried. try it if you haven't yet. you wont regret it.

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  • sweetnsassy By  sweetnsassy    

    This in my go to mascara love it!

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  • cleverzeke By  cleverzeke    

    This is one mascara that I have used since day one of wearing makeup. i can always rely on it. I have tried many brands and so far i havnt found any to beat it.

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  • xxcassie2coolxx By  xxcassie2coolxx    

    I think this one is really good for the day. It makes your lashes nice and long.

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  • jamtweety8 By  jamtweety8    

    I love this brand and that it is washable. I think the brush is a tad short. But it works great at a great price.

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  • peekaboo By  peekaboo    

    This is a product that you will always be able to use. It does a good job and the waterproof stays put with no runs. I do feel there are better drugstore mascaras made. I wouldn't choose this one over the "falsies", but it is ok if it's all you have in your bag.

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  • glanaek91 By  glanaek91    

    I did not like this product. It makes my lashes feel hard and flaky.

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  • rainaroo By  rainaroo    

    Fantastic. My sister got me into this when she received a sample kit with this and those Baby Lips moisturizers. I've always bought Great Lash and it's like that only with a better brush.

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  • RedTabbyWittyKitty By  RedTabbyWittyKitty    

    Maybelline Great Lash in the pink tube is the greatest old standby in mascara. It is the perfect consistency, not too wet, and so easy to cover bottom lashes too. I keep one in my desk, purse makeup bag and at home in my makeup basket. Can't ever have too many. The price is the best and there is no high dollar mascara that is better for what you pay.

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  • deann1548 By  deann1548    

    This is one of my favorite mascaras! I like to try out all kinds of mascaras but this is overall one of the best! It is very reasonably priced and it makes my lashes look good.

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  • kolorlady By  kolorlady    

    Been using Maybelline since high school. One of my staples in make up bag. Wish they had one with lash growth like other lines. Getting older, lashes getting thinner.

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  • mrsbdavis By  mrsbdavis    

    lots of body!

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  • TheJessicaBaker01 By  TheJessicaBaker01    

    So I just bought this mascara in Very Black the other day. I am in LOVE with this Mascara. It is super black. The wand is a amazing. It's kinda a cone shape. The bristles at start out long and it get shorter as it gets to the tip. It gave my lashes great volume and length and give a flare effect. It doesn't leave any clumps either. The only drawback is that it is a very wet formula that can get everywhere. But if you are looking for a great drugstore mascara, then get this one. Definitely the best that I have tried in a long time!!!

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