Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes

Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes

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I originally used huggies wipes when my son was born and he immediately got a rash so I quickly switched to these. we have had no problems since! these are great and gentle enough to use on his face and hands if hes made a mess!

I like these wipes a lot. The only thing I didn't like was that they were really wet and I would always have to dry my daughter off after using them or she would get a diaper rash. The strength and quality was really good though and I would use them again.

Pampers actually is my favorite wipe. I haven't noticed a difference in the sensitive versus the unscented for my kids. The scented wipes caused a little irritation on a couple of my kids butts.

Worst wipes ever! Even though they say "sensitive" they have a very floral scent to them and caused hives on my kids bum, not cool! Also they are very thin and a finger can easily be poked through while vigorously wiping, not cool again. They also have a slimy feel on the skin because they are so over saturated in soap.

I give you a 4 only because of price! We are always in and out of the hospital with my son and boy do we love your wipes and diapers while were there mainly the wipes so thick and soft ! Thank you pampers for being in childrens hospitals :)

Great amount of softness for the babies sensitive skin. Worked very well.

Easy on babies sensitive skin, however, leaves the skin feeling almost sticky.

Love these!

Work well and aren't dry or too wet

I like these wipes. I have sensitive skin and I use these when we are on the road and I need to wash my hands or my grandsons have a spill. They seem to like them too.

These work really well, but have a strange scent.

I prefer the regular wipes

These are very gentle if you have a baby that needs that. But I find them to be on the flimsy side and you need to use a lot if there is a mess to clean.

This product is the only wipes I buy and use ! I love how they work

When my son was first born he had a very sensitive bottom. Pampers sensitive baby wipes worked! And I love the smell.