Maybelline Volum' Express The Falsies Flared

Maybelline Volum' Express The Falsies Flared

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This is pretty good mascara addends try out pretty fast but even after you're still able to work with it does flake and I end up with black spots on my face.

This mascara adds length and volume and looks great when on but is really hard to remove.

I use this mascara every day and it works great! No, it did not perform miracles, but hello it can't give you more eyelashes! (unfortunately) For the price, however, it works quite well and lasts a while without getting clumpy. Great value, works just as well for me as any clineque mascara I have used for 1/3 the price!

this product is good it leaves your eyelashes longer but it doesn't pick them up how i like it

I got to try this recently and even though it doesn't beat my Buxom Lash mascara, it's quite good for a drugstore product. Price is decent and the formula is not too clumpy.

ughh what can i say, this is my favorite mascara, adds volume and makes me have marilyn monroe lashes! lol. i love it.

I dont love this mascara but i don't hate it either. Doesn't stand out against the other brands i own.

Good Mascara Its smudgeproof formula goes on pretty well. I like to use this on top of another mascara and on the outer edge of my upper lashes to give more of a winged appearance to my lashes. I don't usually wear it by itself.

This is good mascara; however, if you are not careful it can get clumpy.

This mascara make my eyelashes thick with natural look.

It gave a little volum but the curved brush did not do anything different for me. My lashes were not flared like advertised or shown.

This was the mascara I was previously using and hated it. It didn't do anything that it claims to do. My lashes didn't curl or look longer. It stuck them together and I had to use a lash comb to separate them. I also found that I would end up with clumps in my eye if I touch them at all throughout the day and that was very irritating to say the least. Couldn't wait to throw this one away.

boo!!! so glad i had a coupon and was able to price match this at wal-mart. it did nothing new and nothing they claimed it was suppose to. trial and error...i know to stick with what i know works :)

I was a little disappointed with this product. I thought it would give me more of a curve in my lashes but it didnt do anything different.

Not my favorite. It goes on too thick and makes it hard to build up which cause my lashes to clump up. Also, takes forever to wash off.