Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook

Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook

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My mother bought this cook book for me and it's the best. I use it for so many great recipes.

This cookbook was suggested to me by a friend and I am so thankful that I bought it! I have made several dishes so far and each one of them has been fabulous! I also love the little tips scattered throughout the book:) I would recommend to anyone that loves to cook!

I love to cook and I am alwasy looking for new recipes. I got my first copy of this cookbook as a wedding gift and I have been looking to it for recipes ever since. This book is full of great recipes, I have tried a lot of them and my family is alwasy satisfied.

My mom really didn't teach me much about cooking as I was growing up. I was always in a million extra curricular activities and was off doing something. So when I finally settled down and got married I had no idea what to do. My mother in law actually bought me the Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook as a Christmas gift and it is the gift that keeps on giving. Not only did I learn how to complete some basic recipes but it also talks about how to set a table and what you should have stocked in your home. I have been married 13 years now and I still use this very same cookbook for recipes and inspiration. I would be lost without it!

From a beginner cook to a gourmet chef, anyone can benefit from this wonderful cookbook. Easy-to-read and full of color illustrations, this red and white checked cookbook is the GO TO of all who want to prepare delicious food. My mother's faded red and white checks are still going strong in HER kitchen! Thanks for teaching me with BHG!

My life, and kitchen, would NOT be complete without this cookbook. I inherited my mothers and used it so often that the spine fell apart. I was devasted but kept using it while trying to keep the pages in order. Finally I had to give up and recycled it. That very same day I got a present from my mother who had sent me a brand new BH&G New Cookbook (Breast Cancer Awareness volume). What a lovely day. My kitchen will never be without a copy.

This is the ONLY cookbook to go to for the basics. My mother bought me a new one after I bought my first house and she still has the one her mother used for years. These are the recipes I grew up with and this is the cookbook I used to learn how to "read" a recipe with my grandmother and mother. So simple and easy to follow, no exotic ingredients or techniques here. Just plain good cooking, helpful hints and great pictures. Every kitchen should have this book, even for those folks who say "oh I don't cook" - trust me - you need this.

This is my "go to" cookbook for basics. It has all the basic recipes like frosting or whipped cream that everyone should have as well as easy to follow meal and dessert recipes. I love that it has illustrations of many recipes to help inspire me. My favorite thing, though, is that it is a fantastic cookbook to teach my kids the basics of cooking. I even bought it for my dad and he loves it!

This is one of the first cookbooks I ever bought and it is still the most used. I love that it has meals for every occasion and easy to follow. The recipes are great and it has all the useful information you need to cook if you are not a pro. This is a book that is a must have for every kitchen.

There are only a couple of things that I grew up watching my mom use that I still have, and this Better Homes Cookbook is one of them, she taught me that when you learn the basics of cooking you open your kitchen up to a world of culinary delights. It's the best gift you can give someone.

Have used this cookbook for about 15 years. I love it and use it often. It has some of the best and most dependable recipes.

Great resource! Fun cookbook with innovative recipes.

i love love love this book i cook from it all the time my husband bought this for me as a gift and wow i have used it alot everyone should have one of these in there kitchen :)

This is the best every day basic cookbook, every kitchen should have this in their cupboard. I use this one all the time for many different recipes whether it is banana bread, cole slaw or chicken marsala, it so tired and worn that the pages are coming out. As a matter of fact, my mother has this exact same cookbook. Whenever anyone asks for a cookbook recommendation, this is the one I tell them.

This cookbook should be a staple in everyone's kitchen. I use this cookbook so much mine is falling apart at the binding. Everything you need to know about the basics of cooking is in this cookbook. I grew up using this cookbook with my mother and when I got my own home my mom gave me a copy of this cookbook for my home. I use this cookbook cooking with my duaghter now and when she gets her own home, I will be giving her a copy of this cookbook also. That's the great thing about this book: not only is it useful, it also creates family traditions.