Irma S. Rombauer Joy of Cooking

Irma S. Rombauer Joy of Cooking

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I own about 7 cookbooks, ended up leaving a box behind in a move which broke my heart but I was excited to see that this cookbook was not left as without it I would be lost. It is a definite cookbook for everyone to have from novice to expert. It has the simplest recipes for the beginner to the most advanced and covers a wide variety of foods and it walks you through each step, and simple enough that even my husband can understand it. I have had this book since I received it as a wedding gift back when I was 16 and have not been without it since!!!

This is like the bible in our kitchen. It has everything in it that you will come across in cooking. It covers measurment conversions, substitutions, and has tried and true recipes. beginners as well as accomplished cooks can learn from this book. I absolutely love it!!!

I absolutley love this book. I have a lot of other books that I use every once in a while but this book is used almost every day. It is great for something special that might be a completely new recipie to try out and it is great for simple recipies that you just need a little reminder and tips on. I think that is a simple to follow and does not use lots of crazy ingriedients that are hard to find. This is my favorite cook book!

My mother gave me this book, and I still use it. It is a tradition to have it sitting on our kitchen shelves. There are many great recipes with practical tips mixed in. It is easy to follow and replicate. Everyone should have a copy of it in their kitchen.

I love this cookbook. It is my go-to book for everything! My daughter loves to read through it and find new recipes for us to try. She will get her own copy when she grows up and gets her own home. The best thing I have learned to make from The Joy of Cooking is husband loves them so much, and it's such a versatile recipe!

Though I have a LOT of cookbooks, this one is so used that it's held together with rubberbands! It's a constant go to for advice on technique, recipes and even just ideas about what to do with certain ingredients. It's truly an all purpose cookbook, for the novice or expert cook alike. When my daughter starts cooking with me, I know that this will be one of the first books for her.

The Joy of Cooking was given to me by my mother, and to her by her mother! It is a great resource of recipes, cooking tips & techniques - it is a timeless treasure!

I have in order of 50 cookbooks. I love them all, but te Joy of Cooking is the book that I turn to time and time again. I remember as a little girl learning to cook - my Mom's well worn copy was always my guide. Now if I have a question about meat, how-to's, definitions of things - it is the cookbook I reach for time and time again. This is the best kitchen 'knowledge' you could ever have as reference!

I receive this cookbook as a wedding gift over 15 years ago. I have many different cookbooks and this one is my go to cookbook. It has detailed info on everything you need to know about the "kitchen". My Mom has one as does my sister it is the essential cookbook for every home. I have even loaned my copy out to neighbors. Thankfully, I got it back!

Just as my mother told me as a little girl, "everyone should have the 'Joy of Cooking'". We have always referred to this cookbook in the kitchen--it covers everything, from the most basic recipes to the most exquisite desserts to information on obscure foods and cooking tools! This is the ultimate GO-TO and everyone should have it! The three authors for this book are: Irma S. Rombauer, Marion Rombauer Becker, & Ethan Becker